Monday, December 5, 2011

I will be cultured… one day!

I had an epiphany the other day—I am so not cultured. Then I decided I wanted to be.
So... in order for this to happen, I need to participate in cultural things. So I made a list!

*Read 50 classic novels. The only classic novels I’ve read were the required ones for highschool English classes. And I probably didn’t enjoy them as much as I should because I was forced to read them. So hopefully I can even learn to like them. But just in case, the list I made had 100 books. 50 classics. 50 others. So I can have a few breaks from the classy stuff. :)

*Watch all the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars & all the Avengers Movies. [Hulk. Ironman 1&2, Thor and Captain America.] I’ve never seen them. & I do realize that these are probably really random for a “To be cultured” list, but you’d be surprised at how many times these things are referenced in this country. So soon I’ll know what people are talking about. :)

*Watch Movies. {In general}. I’m getting a lot better and not hating them. I used to think they were a waste of time and I also could never pay attention throughout the whole thing. So I haven’t seen or even heard of many. But now I’ve come to the conclusion that movies are good, cultural & educational.

*Watch a musical on Broadway. NYC would be awesome. Vegas would be sweet. But even Gammage has some cool ones every now and again.

*Visit another country. At LEAST one. Pretty much any of them will do. But I’ve always wanted to go to France and England. And I WILL go one day. I will.

*Listen to music from other countries & in other languages. Cultural, no?

*Always try new things when given the opportunity. Like hobbies, random activities and such.

December 2011 and 2012: Project Culture Hannah Gunderson.

Let's see how this goes.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not the ending I was looking for.

Well today marked half marathon number four for me. My last two were WAY and a half times better than the blistery mess of my first one last November. My last one was my fastest ever and I was hoping to beat it! Unfortunately, I still didn’t train. Well last week I ran a total of like 8 miles…. But that’s all the training I’ve done since the Bryce Canyon half in July.

I started out and ran the first mile in 8 minutes. Let me just tell you… I’m not a runner. That was the fastest mile time of my life. Mile 2 was slightly longer, but still good. I was feeling pretty good about this race! By mile 5 I was averaging just over 11 minute miles. At mile 7 I think I walked more than I didn’t – but if I kept my pace I could get a new PR – I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it because my second half is always slower.. but it was at least still a possibility.

After the half-way point… I think just after mile 9? But I’m not positive… I biffed it and twisted my right ankle. I got up and kept going, it wasn’t that big of a deal. But then a little while later…. I biffed it again and twisted the same ankle. Except this time I hit my head hard on the dirt, ripped my shirt, ripped my spandex, chipped my ipod, and scraped up both legs, arms, and hands. I wasn’t too far from a street crossing where nice police officers were directing traffic. One of the cops came up to me and kinda made me stop for a while. He looked into my eyes to make sure I didn’t get a concussion or something, and helped me pick the gravel out of my scraped hands and arms. He asked me something about finishing and I just said I was going to finish, I just REALLY didn’t want to finish last. I trudged on and after another half mile of walking, and a very achy right ankle… I tried to run. Ha. Bad idea, Hannah. I fell again… it’s kinda funny now but at the time I was just mad. I walked, limped, and ached my way to the end of the race.

With about 100 feet to go, some lady volunteer came running up to me and said she was going to run with me. She kept trying to encourage me but I’m too prideful and independent.. she just made me feel like a pansy. I didn’t feel like finishing the race was an accomplishment.. I’ve already done that, I wanted to be faster. Plus my whole family was there (10 of whom had already finished…. Long, long, LONG before) standing at the finish line, watching me stagger to the finish, my ankle killed and I just felt stupid. Really really stupid. As soon as I crossed the line everyone told me good job.. but that’s not at all how I felt. I sat down and all these volunteers went to give me water and ice for my ankle. 3 hours and 4 minutes was the verdict… 14 minute miles. Apparently I’m a slow walker when I’m in pain.

Before this I was thinking this would definitely be my last half unless I ever got serious about training. But I don’t want such a terrible attempt to be my last one! I didn’t even get it in less than 3 hours!! Bumski.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Perfect Recipe

Take 1 GENIUS, independant bone expert extremely lacking in the social skills department, who only understands facts and logic.

Add her ex-sniper FBI partner - a special agent who solves murders using facts, superb people skills, & sometimes gut and emotional instincts.

Stir in their humorous drama, chemistry, and growing that occurs between them.

Then combine with Brennan's Jeffersonian staff: an artist who can recreate just about any situation, face or body with advanced technology knowledge; a bug and particulate man who can identify and get advanced, important information solely on bugs, dirt and other random particulates; and a fleshy expert & director of the Jeffersonian - each with their own quirks, families, pasts and knowledge that allow everything to flow.

Mix in 1 of the 5 different "squinterns" - Brennan's grad student interns who come off as young and unimportant - but all have great knowlege and funny personalities to share.

Sprinkle in a young, FBI psychologist, who loves to bring up everyone's troubled pasts, is somewhat disregarded among the Jeffersonian "facts" staff, but who always has something to offer.

Throw in a dead body or 2 a week, a few serial killers, some jelous and lustful murderers, crazy people, lots of drama among staff members with high emotions and family problems.

Bake Thursdays on Channel 10 @ 8:00 for one hour.

Yields: a humorous , action packed, murder solving, romantic episode of BONES season 7.

For best results watch seasons 1-6 beforehand to understand the growth & full dynamics of each character.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cheers for the 2011 Diamondbacks!

I've spent the last 30 minutes feeling cold and empty. My beloved Diamondbacks fell short in game 5 of the NLDS. It’s definitely not a good feeling, at all.
BUT…. It wasn’t without a great season! At spring training, nobody thought the Diamondbacks would make the playoffs. Heck, in June there weren’t many who thought they would make it. They lost 97 games last year….. 97!! The bullpen was beyond terrible, blowing saves and allowing hits &  homeruns left and right. As my good friend Gracey says, “All my years in baseball have taught me that you don’t lose over 90 games one year and come back the next and win the division. You just don’t.” Well folks, the diamondbacks did the impossible! And they did it when no one believed in them.
They are a very young team… only 3rd baseman Ryan Roberts is over 30. In fact, they brought 6 rookies to the NLDS.
-Goldschmidt, who came up from AA in August, had the go ahead triple in the divison-clinching game, also gave a curtain call after a 2 out, 2 strike grand slam in game 3. HE’S A ROOKIE!
-Colin Cowgill, pinch hit with 2 outs in game 4 and had a 2-run RBI single.
-Collmenter, got the game 3 win - only allowing 2 hits in 7 innings.
-Bryan Shaw appeared in the series 4 times... never giving up a hit.
That Kirk Gibson sure puts a lot of trust in his team, including the rookies – and they always come through.
Ian Kennedy. though not a rookie is only 24 and came out of nowhere this year and had 21 wins – being a top contender for this year's Cy Young.
Justin Upton, also 24, has already been in 2 all-star games, and currently in the voting for the NL MVP.
Miguel Montero struggled defensively quite a lot last year… he’s now second in the league in throwing base runners out. Definitely the most improved in my eyes.
JJ Putz has 45 saves out of 49 opportunities. David Hernandez & Micah Owings have a combined 13-3 record.
Seriously I’m not kidding when I say this team came out of NO WHERE! And EVERYONE contributed.. the starters, the bench, the bullpen. EVERYONE! There was a new hero everyday. It was awesome! They are a group of very young over achievers with a determined, no nonsense manager. They had a great season that was extremely fun to watch. They led the majors with 48 come from behind wins –they just don’t ever give up! They’ve had grand slams in the last 4 home games. I’ve been up out of my seat many a time watching this team play. They are incredible.
It was a wonderful season. They fought hard until the very end… tying the game on the suicide squeeze in the top of the ninth in game 5. They rallied but didn't quite get it this time... but that's baseball. Although they didn’t make it out of this one, they came up and beyond everyone’s expectations. I've got high hopes for next season and many to come! I can’t wait!!! Good job boys!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A 10-year tribute! Part 2! {American Rhmye Stlye}

10 whole years it has been,
Since that awful day when many lost kin.
The twin towers were struck and eventually fell,
Trapping many, so claustrophobic they couldn’t even yell.
Terrorists were here invading our country
Commandeering airplanes and responsible for the deaths of so many.
The pentagon also was a hijacker’s hit target,
Making this day one we won’t soon forget.
Thousands of innocent lives were lost and countless more injured-
So sudden it happened, leaving a sweet, final goodbye completely unheard.
Another plane was taken, but the intended location a mystery.
Because those courageous passengers tried to take back the plane and avoid further treachery.
A Pennsylvania field is where they took their final breath
But because of their bravery, they saved many from blameless death.
Heroes they are and will forever remain
Along with the many police officers and firefighters who went in unnamed.
Many went into the rubble, though not all came out
But their valor is still recognized – of that there is no doubt.
The nation was shocked, glued to the TV;
“Are we being attacked?” “How could this be??”
We united as one, together we’ll conquer
We looked to our nations strong past for a firm, sturdy anchor.
We’ve overcome so much, we’ll do it again!
We’re the United States of America and our land we’ll defend!
We’ve had God on our side, he understands our plea;
Our freedoms are needed - something He has helped us see.
As of today, a decade’s gone by-
We remember that September morning when so much went awry.
There’s a prayer in our hearts to those who lost their lives,
Along with their children, friends, husbands and wives.
And all those affected – the numbers are great
This day will forever hold an emotional weight.
But we will also relish in our American pride..
Our nation-giving liberties are something wanted worldwide!
We’re a blessed people, given so much!
So many people have and continue to fight to make it such!
Because of that I love this land!
No matter you’re ideologies, united we stand!
We’re the U S of A, we’re determined to win!
Simply put, I’m proud to be an American!

A 10-year tribute! Part 1 {Baseball style}

So let’s think back to 2001. What happened? Oh yeah! THE DIAMONDBACKS WON THE BEST WORLD SERIES KNOWN TO BASEBALL. Ok, so I may be a little biased – but it was a 7-game nail biter down to the very wire – Gonzo’s bloop single in the bottom of the ninth. We have a movie of the world series with interviews and stuff… and I get the chills every time I watch it. I’ll admit it.. I’m a nerd. But that team was just so great and so funny!

BUT. This weekend was reunion weekend at the ballpark! Friday they were wearing their purple vest throwback jerseys, Saturday all the 2001 players were coming and they were giving away replica championship rings, and Sunday they were having a 9/11 tribute. Basically it was bound to be a wonderful weekend. SO in like Aprilish when they first released the promotion schedule, we bought our tickets! The weekend came and the players liked the purple and teal jerseys so much they requested to wear them ALL weekend! HOT DOG! It was awesome!

So Saturday we spent 7 hours at Chase Field – and what a very wonderful hours it was. Before the game they had the starting lineup of the World Series team {Along with Jerry Colangelo, Bob Brenly and others]come out of the dugout with their old jerseys on, announced by Mr.Schulte {the 2001 announcer}, with highlights on the jumbotron – all 48,000 in attendance were giving them a standing ovation – and it was just plain cool.

THEN, in-between innings they showed clips from game 7 on the jumbotron. It was still exciting even though we all knew what was going to happen. The sold out crowd was loud and supportive the whole time… and some had great signs!

My favorite part… the legends race! Mark Grace had yet to win one, so his bobblehead man comes sprinting out of the bullpen ahead of everyone! However, when he got about halfway he started acting all winded. But NEVER FEAR the real live David Dellucci was there to pinch run for him (just like in the bottom of the 9th of game seven!) He finished the race.. in FIRST PLACE! They showed Mark Grace in the announcers booth and he was ecstatic! The crowd was so happy for him! But they then announced that there were no pinch runners allowed in the legends race so randy Johnson had won again. Mark Grace threw his papers down in an offended fashion.. everyone was so sad for him. But it was still super funny! 

To make matters even better, the game was great! We won in 10 innings… come from behind wins.. always fun to watch! OH! How did I forget?? We also got the replica rings.. we were expecting little plastic things.. but no. They’re metal. Ah. I love my Diamondbacks!!

Successful day. Successful game. Successful Diamondbacks. I love them… I love them oh so much! The 2001, the 2011… and all those in-between! Even the terrible babybacks of 2003!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you! :)

Dear Thatcher,
The hustle and bustle of school starting is fast approaching. Many people are reuniting and the good times and facebook hacks have already begun. The town is picking up, friendships are brewing, the apartments are getting stocked, Walmart is consequently getting UNstocked. Frye Mesa and Cluff Ponds are constantly full of college-aged kids basking in some last minute sunshine before they hit the books on Monday. It’s just like mid August of every year, the excitement and anticipation for the new semester is extremely high.

Facebook has so kindly kept me well aware of this. Yes, it is facebook that is left to fill me in on the latest Thatcher adventures. Sadly, I won’t be returning to you, Thatch. In Mesa I do remain, working hard to prepare for my next life escapade. Bittersweet it definitely is.

But dear sweet Thatcher, you have given me memories to last a lifetime. My time spent with you was hands down the best two years of my life.

It was you who watched me leave home for the first time, you watched me understand who I am, who I want to be, and what I need to do to become that person. You offered me better friends than I ever could have imagined who I will always trust and love, and watched me so willingly accept that offer. You watched our friendships grow as we learned from each other and helped each other through tough life decisions and experiences. You provided us with daily adventures – with ponds to kayak in, rivers & canals to float down, parking lots to chalk, a nearby mountain to climb, cotton fields to run through, and red knolls to explore. You listened to our endless laughter and happy reminiscing that carried us into the early morning. You watched us raid the couches and apartment for quarters on laundry day, sacrifice nickels and dimes for snowcones, and budget our measly earnings for groceries. You laughed as we burned many food items, and rejoiced when we perfected others. You looked upon us as we survived through school, learning more than we had anticipated in the process. You watched us study {and cram} for tests, spend hours doing homework, and listened through endless lectures. You gazed upon the always interesting Mormon, college dating scene with all the institute dances and activities. You listened to our roommate chats that entered the wee hours of the morning. You watched my testimony grow as I learned to rely on the Lord when big decisions came up. You provided me with four semesters of sweet, fond memories that I can’t help but look back on and smile.

Yes, I am excited to move on and do something else with my life, but I have a hard time comprehending the fact that anything could compare you, good ol’ thatch. I just don’t think it can….

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swimmin in Sunshine! {Summer 2011}

In May I thought this summer and next semester were going to be the death of me because I was missing EA and everyone so dang badly. But fortunately for me, it has been quite the opposite! :)

The first week of June Adam, Amanda, Matthew, and I flew to Washington. We stayed with Grandma and Gramps and visited the EMP, Pikes Place, the space needle, Snoqualmie Falls, and some families from Matthew's mission.

At the Emp

Adding a sticker to the sticker poleAdding gum to the gum wall

At the end of the week we met up with the rest of the fam and the Phillips in Leavenworth... one of the coolest little towns in the world!

That weekend we went White Water Rafting down the Wenatchee!! It is definitely my new favorite water activity! Such a thrill!

The next weekend - July 17th and 18th - Jessica Lynch and Leon Bradford got married! Rachel and I went to the temple Friday evening then we met up with Mia and April at the reception Saturday evening! It was so fun to see her again! I'm so excited for them!

The fam was still in Washington and Utah, so Jeremy and I started construction on wiffle ball stadium in the backyard! Jeremy's the mastermind.. I just paint and do whatever i'm told.

The scoreboard. Sweet, eh?

The fourth of July was spent in Utah at a Family Reunion! Always a highlight of the summer! We had a crazy golf family tournament, intense wiffle ball and kickball games, and met Mater on the streets of Gunnison. I even got to meet Joel for the first time.. the newest family edition! Tara and I made cheesecakes for America's birthday... complete with sparklers for candles! What a joy!

2 weeks later - July 16 - I finished another Half Marathon in Bryce Canyon! Soo pretty!
Luckily no pictures of the after race :)

The next weekend, the week of the 24th, I went to Thatcher and bombarded on a Haymore family gathering! It was so great to see ea friends again.. we were even in the parade!

But except for the week in Washington, these have all been weekend excursions. Where can you find me just about any given weekday from 9-5??

In my own little corner...

Of this closet.

Happy Summer everyone! :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Magical Night

Well the other night I found myself at home alone and was rather lonley. This is rather rare for me because i usually find myself macking on hott black guyz. Anyway since it was one of my last nightz this semester i decided to go searching for love, the problem was i didn't know where to go. So I decided i would just follow my nose. I started walking north towards the river. As i aproached the river i began to pick up a scent of something or someone irresistible. I followed the smell till i came across a beautiful man with luscious long black hair. He was laying in the cool wet sand in nothing but man panties. It was as if he was tanning in the starz. I shouted rather loudly "hey hey beautiful man what are you doing!". I must have startled him as he jumped up clinching his fists ready to fight. He saw i was just a beautiful girl with long red hair and he relaxed. He asked me what i was doing there and i told him i was on the prowl for love. He was shocked and stated that he had been looking for love for years. It was as if it were if it were destiny. He swiftly me pulled me into his thick hairy arms and held me sniffing my neck. He looked into my eyez and gently kissed my lips. I wont described what happened from that point on for that is something I hold dear and near to my heart. Since that night we have been spending a lot of time together and there has been some talk of marriage. I will keep everyone posted on this magical man of mine. Here is a picture of some modeling he did last summer. He's such a hunk.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I do NOT want this semester to end.

I do not. I just do not. do not. do not. DO NOT! But alas, in 3 short weeks finals will be among us. The minutes have already started moving faster... And there is nothing I can do about it.... except make these 3 weeks the best weeks EVER! I'm up for the challenge. Even with all the tests, projects, essays, and presentations that need to be finished; I still am going to make these next three weeks as wonderfully wonderful as humanly possible. Thank you. Now please excuse me, I have places to be, people to see, and memories to make. Farewell.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Spring Break 2011: You’re my favorite.
Well guys, I just experienced one of the best weekends of my life thus far. Friday, the 18th, after school, Megan, Kacey, Brenna, Jared and I headed off to Cali. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Not once did I think of school, homework, work, or the future… and it was soo relaxing! We laughed all weekend, and there was never a dull moment, that’s for sure!
We went to six flags in the cold rainy weather and rode a whoppin' 4 whole rides, went to church in a 2 story church building, held a giant turtle, toured the mormon battalion and panned for gold, walked up old towne san diego, found what might have been balboa park, walked around the outside of the san diego zoo, drove across the coronado bridge, played at mission beach with no sun in the sky, met up with a big group of people from thatcher to watch the sunset from the pier and go to chuck e cheese, explored 2 of the nicest and most expensive hotels in la jolla and watched all the rich people staying in them, did baptisms in the san diego temple, hiked to la jolla beach, and walked through downtown la jolla to buy a 7 dollar two-scoop ice cream cone. We also made a million and a half u-turns, cut across all 4 lanes of the California freeway 15 feet before the exit…. More than once, spent too much time in the car, and more than enjoyed it all!
I could go on, but I’ll spare you. I’ll just force you to look at these pictures instead.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Oh blast. I should probably be using my time wisely while everyone and their dog went home for the 3 day weekend by writing my Huck Finn essay. But alas, I’m not. I’ll blog instead. Now this is going to be far more interesting and entertaining to me than to you. So for all of you who have been bugging me to update my blog, I’ll do another one soon. :)
I love pictures. Like a lot. I can sit and look at old pictures for hours, and that is not an exaggeration. I love pictures and the memories that come with it… Probably because I’ve had the coolest life ever and have had many a good and awkward times that are hilarious to look back on.
But anyway, I was looking at old pictures yesterday and it got me thinking… you know how everyone has “the awkward stage”? Well, mine was ridiculously long. It was strongest from 8th grade to the end of my sophomore year. But let’s be honest… it even went past that… like to my first year of college. Haha, I’m awkward.
But these are my thoughts on this:
In 8th grade there were lots and lots of changes in mine and my families’ lives. Things were changing left and right it seemed every day and there was a lot to get used to. Plus, I was 13.. That’s just an awkward time of life for everyone, especially girls. Looking back, I kinda distanced myself from everyone. So not smart, but I did it. I had my friends that I had since elementary school but they were all changing and meeting new people and they were just my “school friends.” I never wanted to do anything on the weekends. The weekends I was home I felt like I was free, so I just wanted to stay home. The weekends I was at my dad’s we usually did some type of activity, and for some reason I didn’t think I could do things with my friends, I don’t know why I thought that. But I did. Yet the world kept spinning…
In 9th grade it was pretty much the same. I was still getting used to all the changes that happened the past year. I don’t have too many memories from 8th or 9th grade. I was just going through the motions of life. I became extremely shy and never talked to anyone. Luckily, I was blessed with an exceptionally great attitude. It’s almost harder for me to be miserable than to be happy.. It’s nothing I do, it just happens. So I never really felt sad, down, or anything really.. I was kinda emotionless. I’m emotion retarded. I liked going to school and had many a fun times with the people there.
I pretty much only had one real friend up to this point. Kymber Renee is her name... I can't thank her enough. I don't know what I would have done without her. I love her guts still to this day! I say she was my own real friend because.. well I don't really know what I mean. Ya... I don't know... Even though I didn't really talk about my life with her, she was still there for me, just to be a friend. I knew other people and we were friends when we were together, but we didn't try to get together. Does that make sense? I guess I don't know what i'm trying to say..
My sophomore year I became closer to Zoe and Mia - These 2 girls saved my life. We spent a lot of time together and I realized how fun it was to be with people again. I could be myself when I was with them and I loved it. We had other friends too, but I was definitely closest to these two. I don’t even know how I got to be so lucky to find them when I did. Even though I was starting to find myself, I was still awkward. Also this year I had the greatest seminary teacher ever, Brother Goodman. He was so good at bringing in the spirit into my life every day. I felt so many prompting from the spirit and started to have a better relationship with my Heavenly Father. This helped more than anything, especially with my stupid knee injury this year.
Oh, and besides the fact that I was emotionally and socially retarded for so long… my hair was also ALWAYS plastered to my head from 8th to 10th grade. I know. DISGUSTING. Haha, but it happened. And I only wore makeup when I felt like it… which was not very often.
My junior year was the best year of my life up to that point. I LOVED it. I met many more people and we had a great group of friends. Rachel Hicks and Jake Paterson were my heroes this year. I loved being with them and my true self came out a lot more than it had in a long time. We could have a good time no matter what we were doing. They all influenced my life quite a lot and were great examples to me… Now many of them our on missions, how sweet. Plus, I became a lot closer to Matthew. It was the year after he graduated before his mission and he honestly became one of my best friends.
My senior year was fun as well. It was like a continuation of junior year... only way different. Our group of friends that we would hang out with every weekend changed. But it was all still good. I loved my life and the people in it. Even though this year wasn’t as good as junior year I did NOT want to graduate.. haha don’t know why, college is SO much better. My junior and senior year I was at school and work from 6:45 to 5:00 everyday. Then I would come home and do homework and go to bed. I was out with my friends every Friday and Saturday night… so, unfortunately, I still wasn’t very close to my family.
Then I came to college. I would say more… but this is already extremely long and I’ve talked about it before. So I’ll just quickly say… it’s been the best 2 years of my life. I've grown SO SO much. I love it. I love everyone I have met. I love learning from people. I learn from everyone. I love my family more than anything. I have the greatest friends ever. People amaze me.
I came here to get away from my awkard past - just for a little bit, so I could find myself. I'M FOUND! I'm still quiet sometimes... i'm still too loud sometimes. But that's just me. I'll probably always be a little awkward.(Just jopefully not as much as from 8-10 grade... you be the judge:) ) But you'll just have to get used to it! I'm me!
Hahaha. My life is just plain awesome!! :)
Now, if only Huck Finn was as fun and entertaining to write about as my own life… :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

More than a comment per minute!

I don't really care for scary movies. I don't really care for movies at all. Tonight I was a wimp and didn't want to be in the cold, for it was in the 20's. Plus I was tired because this week it seems that I didn't receive shut eye until the wee hours of the morning. And I had to get up before 6 am today.
So, when someone invited me to watch a scary movie, outside (in the FREEZINGNESS), on piles of hay, (well really there were 3 truckloads and 2 couches of people... next to the hay)my immediate reaction was HECK NO! But, after some peer pressure, I gave in and I went. And it was actually really fun, even though we got all the way out there and realized we forgot the dvd player.... so it was after 11 before we even started the movie (and the movie was just plain dumb... I wouldn't reccomend it.. it was like the haunting of connecticut or something like that).
anyway... moving on. i got home just after one to see my lovely roommates and paige and cavin chattin it up. i was no longer tired, so i joined the conversation. for some reason the song "big green tractor" came up and we had an immediate discussion/argument, because that it a song that rachel does not admire. paige posted a quote that i said and cavin's comment to that as her facebook status. pretty soon we were all commenting on that... we went from talking about tractors, to paige, to mesa, to socks, to pants, to enlgish, to misspelled words... and other things too. But want to know the gross part? In less than an hour we had 71 comments!! it gets worse... we were all sitting in the same room as we were commenting on the above mentioned status. It was kinda funny, but mostly just plain wrong.
oh and I must now leave this computer.... I have just been informed that we're taking Paige to Jili's. I love adventures! Maybe I won't sleep tonight.... oh well!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's a MAJOR crisis!

I have wonderful roommates, wonderful roommates indeed. Unfortunately, we all have a problem.. and it's the SAME problem. You see, we're all in the land of confusion and only see haze and uncertainty ahead of us. We don't know what we want to do with our lives... not a single one of us. Where should we go to school? Should we travel and explore another country or culture? Mission? What do we want to major in? Will what we want to do be practical and useful? The list seems to go on and on.

So, as a result of this current predicament, we have many conversations about this... some are helpful, some are just plain funny.

Here's a little background info on our current standing:

Kate: Has planned to be a nurse since highschool. Last semester she was in the second semester of nursing school and realized it just wasn't for her. So, she's thinking of going to BYUI, but what to major in? Her parents say she should be a librarian because she LOVES to read. They also want her to look into fighting fires this summer to earn money. As for a major, she has no idea.
Rachel: Has 2 loves. English and Spanish. Right after she graduated the idea of being a nurse was put into her head. That's been her plan on and off since then. This semester she's taking an English class and LOVES it. It just clicks better than anatomy and all those other nursing classes, although those ones seem to be more useful. Personally, I think she should double major in Spanish and Enlgish and become a translator... or a crossword puzzle maker. But will that be practical? Sometimes the world says no. And where to go to school? Or should she take a semester off and go teach English or nanny or do something to gain cultural experience?
Hannah: Has never really had a plan. I've thought of a few things... child life specialist, counselor, social worker, human relations, or something around those lines. The brain is fascinating to me, so are social interactions and stuff like that. So, got any ideas for me? :) I just don't know what direction to go, or where to go to school. Money is also a huge stress for me... I think the current plan is to take a semester off to work next fall, even though I really want to go to Ecuador to work in an orphanage.

So those are our stories. Also, this week we have been privileged to be in the presence of Paige Hicks, as she's been staying with us. Yesterday she drew us pictures... each one depicting our futures. They were HILARIOUS! I'll even share them with you!

Kate: The fire fightin' librarian!

Rachel: The Spanish Translating Nurse!

Hannah: The Special needs child thing with no "w's" on gradecard! (NOTE** I'm taking a children's special ed class that I wanted to drop, but waited too long, so now I can't drop it without getting a W)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cause you're hot then you're cold!!... or cold then hot.. then cold.

Thatcher is an interesting place this year. I think it's confused. Really confused.

Last week on Monday we went up to Mount Graham to play in the snow.... fun right? That's what you usually do in January, because this is the month to be cold.

But then something happened to good'ol Thatch. It got HOT. The kind of hot where you don't need a jacket anymore.... what? I thought it was January! So Saturday, 5 measly days after our snow adventure, we went fishing at the Gila Box... in shorts! Arielle and Abbie's mission for this adventure? To get a tan! Yes, in JANUARY! AYE CURUMBA!! We were on the brink of disaster.

You see, I love wearing jackets. I was not ready to give them up for months and months...and months. But alas, Thatcher didn't let me down. It decided to be cold again! Today the high's were in the high 50's with lows in the high 20's! Perfect weather for this time of year!
Now pretty soon we'll start the count down for it to get warm so we can go tubing down the river! :) Maybe we're just never satisfied...
but besides this near catastrophe, life is good. real good! :)