Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Perfect Recipe

Take 1 GENIUS, independant bone expert extremely lacking in the social skills department, who only understands facts and logic.

Add her ex-sniper FBI partner - a special agent who solves murders using facts, superb people skills, & sometimes gut and emotional instincts.

Stir in their humorous drama, chemistry, and growing that occurs between them.

Then combine with Brennan's Jeffersonian staff: an artist who can recreate just about any situation, face or body with advanced technology knowledge; a bug and particulate man who can identify and get advanced, important information solely on bugs, dirt and other random particulates; and a fleshy expert & director of the Jeffersonian - each with their own quirks, families, pasts and knowledge that allow everything to flow.

Mix in 1 of the 5 different "squinterns" - Brennan's grad student interns who come off as young and unimportant - but all have great knowlege and funny personalities to share.

Sprinkle in a young, FBI psychologist, who loves to bring up everyone's troubled pasts, is somewhat disregarded among the Jeffersonian "facts" staff, but who always has something to offer.

Throw in a dead body or 2 a week, a few serial killers, some jelous and lustful murderers, crazy people, lots of drama among staff members with high emotions and family problems.

Bake Thursdays on Channel 10 @ 8:00 for one hour.

Yields: a humorous , action packed, murder solving, romantic episode of BONES season 7.

For best results watch seasons 1-6 beforehand to understand the growth & full dynamics of each character.

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Arielle said...

ahhh i love love love bones!!! i'm so bummed its on the same times as greys. HUGE conflict of interest. haha i guess that's what hulu is for right?