Monday, December 5, 2011

I will be cultured… one day!

I had an epiphany the other day—I am so not cultured. Then I decided I wanted to be.
So... in order for this to happen, I need to participate in cultural things. So I made a list!

*Read 50 classic novels. The only classic novels I’ve read were the required ones for highschool English classes. And I probably didn’t enjoy them as much as I should because I was forced to read them. So hopefully I can even learn to like them. But just in case, the list I made had 100 books. 50 classics. 50 others. So I can have a few breaks from the classy stuff. :)

*Watch all the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars & all the Avengers Movies. [Hulk. Ironman 1&2, Thor and Captain America.] I’ve never seen them. & I do realize that these are probably really random for a “To be cultured” list, but you’d be surprised at how many times these things are referenced in this country. So soon I’ll know what people are talking about. :)

*Watch Movies. {In general}. I’m getting a lot better and not hating them. I used to think they were a waste of time and I also could never pay attention throughout the whole thing. So I haven’t seen or even heard of many. But now I’ve come to the conclusion that movies are good, cultural & educational.

*Watch a musical on Broadway. NYC would be awesome. Vegas would be sweet. But even Gammage has some cool ones every now and again.

*Visit another country. At LEAST one. Pretty much any of them will do. But I’ve always wanted to go to France and England. And I WILL go one day. I will.

*Listen to music from other countries & in other languages. Cultural, no?

*Always try new things when given the opportunity. Like hobbies, random activities and such.

December 2011 and 2012: Project Culture Hannah Gunderson.

Let's see how this goes.