Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Hunger Games

For the past week my family has been gone. Vacationing it up in Utah, Idaho, and Washington. The beloved trip I so wish I could have gone on, but instead, I’ve been home with Jeremy, day in and day out. And it’s left me thinking, can you be home sick at home? Really though. I was away from home for the past 2 semesters and never once felt home sick. But now I’m home and I feel home sick! Well maybe not home sick, family sick. I’m here with nothing to eat but corn dogs, sandwiches, and expired ramen; with just Jeremy and Mariah’s fish for company, and I already killed one of those. I just want them to come back to me! Well anyway, one night I was helping Zoe organize all her books (and we did it in a very ORIGINAL way, I might add) and I decided I needed a good book to read, because since I had no one to play games with, I was watching a whole lot of the world cup, a little too much for my taste. It was there that I met THE HUNGER GAMES. This ladies and gentleman, is a PHENOMENAL book, if you haven’t read it yet, go to your nearest public library and by ALL MEANS, CHECK IT OUT! I couldn’t put it down! I read the first chapter on Monday night (But I stopped after that to watch the Dbacks- Yankees game, shout out to the Diamondbacks it was an AMAZING game! 5 runs,3 homeruns in the first inning, they went on to win it 10-3. AHHHH). Tuesday at work I just wanted to read the book, it was I could think about! Probably because I started doing data entry again, and there wasn’t much else to think about. Haha. But alas, I came home and went right to my room, and didn’t stop for anything. I came up to eat some food a little after 7 and Jeremy went to the church to play basketball so I laid on the couch with the precious book, the Diamondbacks game was on mute in the background. Occasionally, I would look up at the score, but I was mostly consumed in the book. IT WAS SOO GOOD!! Gah, I wish it wasn't over, it was THAT good. haha! Seriously. So if you haven't read it, get to gettin! If you have, what do you think, Peeta or Gale??
NOTE** I’m not really that upset and depressed because my family is gone. Yes, I miss them and hope the next 2 weeks go fast, but all that was said in that way for dramatic effect. After the first night I have embraced the fact. I cleaned out the game cupboards, found a brilliant music site, and erased all the nonsense off my computer, plus my friends have saved me again! :)

On a sad note: My new phone has arrived, well it's been here for a week, but it is now time to switch it over and say goodbye to my wonderfully awesome current phone forever. I've prolonged it long enough, it's been dying for months now. The battery is spastic, I can't have a phone call longer than 2 minutes, and it likes to randomly stop working. I waited until all the front buttons stopped working, so the thing was basically useless before I decided to get a new one. I'm so not happy about this.

But you can't end on a sad note, so HAPPY note time: It's MATTHEW'S BIRTHDAY! and he comes home in 47 dayssss!!! AHH YEEAAAHH! :) :) Couldn't be more stoked!

This post is more about all the random other stuff than the Hunger Games, it's titled taht so you won't forget to go read it!!! Now get on it! ;)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

As Promised

Ok so it's been about a week and a half since I went to Havasupai, and I know all you millions of followers out there are waiting for the update (hahaha, now that's funny!) So here it is!
Well there is no doubt that is still a BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING place. But yes, the flood did change it up a bit. Navajo falls, which was my favorite last time, is no more. But "Rock Falls", a newly formed one in that area, has a great waterfall to jump through

The other one over there, "New Navajo Falls", is pretty, but just not the same. It isn't even close to the size of Navajo and it's just not as cool. Luckily, There were a lot of good cliff jumping places still!

There is also a change for the better, however. Bathrooms. Ooh baby, they got rid of the 8 porta potties they had and built a bathroom building, no flushing toilets, but a great improvent! :) There are slight changes throughout but boy oh boy, it is still WONDERFUL and WAY worth the trip! I enjoyed the weekend thoroughly!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Havasupai Here I Come!!

Gah I'm so stoked! I'm going to Havasupai tomorrow! Well we're driving down there tomorrow night, sleeping in the car at the top, then hiking down early Saturday morning! It will be awesome! I haven't been since the summer of 2006.. and since then there was a HUMONGO flood that changed some of the falls. Navajo falls, which was my favorite one... is no longer there, but there are 2 smaller falls that took it's place.
I'm not so sure how I feel about that, but hey what can you do? What's done is done. Havasu falls is a little smaller, and I think rumor has it that the direction is slightly changed, but it's basically the same. I'm not sure about Moony and Beaver falls, but I think since they are farther away, not a lot of damage was done. Man, I just love this place! It's a ten mile hike that is WAY worth it, it's definitely one of the most BEAUTIFUL places I have ever been! Plus there is CLIFF JUMPING.. I still have a few beauty marks from last time, I'm not sure they will ever go away, so I guess it's time to make more! :) I'll be sure to give an update of the "new and improved" havasupai. In the meantime, here's a few pictures from last time. Ya, It's okay to be jealous, it's THAT cool!!