Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Magical Night

Well the other night I found myself at home alone and was rather lonley. This is rather rare for me because i usually find myself macking on hott black guyz. Anyway since it was one of my last nightz this semester i decided to go searching for love, the problem was i didn't know where to go. So I decided i would just follow my nose. I started walking north towards the river. As i aproached the river i began to pick up a scent of something or someone irresistible. I followed the smell till i came across a beautiful man with luscious long black hair. He was laying in the cool wet sand in nothing but man panties. It was as if he was tanning in the starz. I shouted rather loudly "hey hey beautiful man what are you doing!". I must have startled him as he jumped up clinching his fists ready to fight. He saw i was just a beautiful girl with long red hair and he relaxed. He asked me what i was doing there and i told him i was on the prowl for love. He was shocked and stated that he had been looking for love for years. It was as if it were if it were destiny. He swiftly me pulled me into his thick hairy arms and held me sniffing my neck. He looked into my eyez and gently kissed my lips. I wont described what happened from that point on for that is something I hold dear and near to my heart. Since that night we have been spending a lot of time together and there has been some talk of marriage. I will keep everyone posted on this magical man of mine. Here is a picture of some modeling he did last summer. He's such a hunk.

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