Thursday, March 24, 2011


Spring Break 2011: You’re my favorite.
Well guys, I just experienced one of the best weekends of my life thus far. Friday, the 18th, after school, Megan, Kacey, Brenna, Jared and I headed off to Cali. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Not once did I think of school, homework, work, or the future… and it was soo relaxing! We laughed all weekend, and there was never a dull moment, that’s for sure!
We went to six flags in the cold rainy weather and rode a whoppin' 4 whole rides, went to church in a 2 story church building, held a giant turtle, toured the mormon battalion and panned for gold, walked up old towne san diego, found what might have been balboa park, walked around the outside of the san diego zoo, drove across the coronado bridge, played at mission beach with no sun in the sky, met up with a big group of people from thatcher to watch the sunset from the pier and go to chuck e cheese, explored 2 of the nicest and most expensive hotels in la jolla and watched all the rich people staying in them, did baptisms in the san diego temple, hiked to la jolla beach, and walked through downtown la jolla to buy a 7 dollar two-scoop ice cream cone. We also made a million and a half u-turns, cut across all 4 lanes of the California freeway 15 feet before the exit…. More than once, spent too much time in the car, and more than enjoyed it all!
I could go on, but I’ll spare you. I’ll just force you to look at these pictures instead.

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