Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's a MAJOR crisis!

I have wonderful roommates, wonderful roommates indeed. Unfortunately, we all have a problem.. and it's the SAME problem. You see, we're all in the land of confusion and only see haze and uncertainty ahead of us. We don't know what we want to do with our lives... not a single one of us. Where should we go to school? Should we travel and explore another country or culture? Mission? What do we want to major in? Will what we want to do be practical and useful? The list seems to go on and on.

So, as a result of this current predicament, we have many conversations about this... some are helpful, some are just plain funny.

Here's a little background info on our current standing:

Kate: Has planned to be a nurse since highschool. Last semester she was in the second semester of nursing school and realized it just wasn't for her. So, she's thinking of going to BYUI, but what to major in? Her parents say she should be a librarian because she LOVES to read. They also want her to look into fighting fires this summer to earn money. As for a major, she has no idea.
Rachel: Has 2 loves. English and Spanish. Right after she graduated the idea of being a nurse was put into her head. That's been her plan on and off since then. This semester she's taking an English class and LOVES it. It just clicks better than anatomy and all those other nursing classes, although those ones seem to be more useful. Personally, I think she should double major in Spanish and Enlgish and become a translator... or a crossword puzzle maker. But will that be practical? Sometimes the world says no. And where to go to school? Or should she take a semester off and go teach English or nanny or do something to gain cultural experience?
Hannah: Has never really had a plan. I've thought of a few things... child life specialist, counselor, social worker, human relations, or something around those lines. The brain is fascinating to me, so are social interactions and stuff like that. So, got any ideas for me? :) I just don't know what direction to go, or where to go to school. Money is also a huge stress for me... I think the current plan is to take a semester off to work next fall, even though I really want to go to Ecuador to work in an orphanage.

So those are our stories. Also, this week we have been privileged to be in the presence of Paige Hicks, as she's been staying with us. Yesterday she drew us pictures... each one depicting our futures. They were HILARIOUS! I'll even share them with you!

Kate: The fire fightin' librarian!

Rachel: The Spanish Translating Nurse!

Hannah: The Special needs child thing with no "w's" on gradecard! (NOTE** I'm taking a children's special ed class that I wanted to drop, but waited too long, so now I can't drop it without getting a W)


Rachymanachi said...

All I can think is that this is going to be hilarious to look back on someday when we really do have our future figured out. ba ha ha ha

Zoe Brimhall said...

I've been confused too! We just had a lesson in my leadership class about majors and careers. Basically your major doesn't predict your career so major in what you love. As for gaining outside cultural experience... DO INTERNSHIPS. Employers will most likely higher someone that has internship experience whether it's out of the country or in.

It's useful advice that may not tell you exactly what you should do, but makes the pressure of deciding a lot less painful. :)

Love you!