Friday, February 14, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dbacks FANFEST 2014

One of my favorite parts about baseball season happens before the season even begins: Fanfest. You can take tours of the whole ballpark, go in the clubhouse, see the world series trophy, watch interview sessions with the players, get autographs and pictures with the players... basically it's just the best! I look forward to it every year. And last year I won the instagram contest and got free tickets to a game, so that was nice. This year Kayla got 2 free tickets from and a few of us got a buy 2 tickets, get 2 tickets free coupon.

Here's some pictures from this years scavenger hunt:

Already looking forward to next year! 

Friday, February 7, 2014


It’s my blog I’ll hashtag if I want to.

A year-ish ago one of my sister’s decided to go paleo. So like she took all the processed junk out of her diet. She basically became a modern-day scavenger, meaning she only ate what people could hunt and gather. (Only she lived in modern day America, so really she just bought what others had already hunted and gathered). And the whole time I thought it was weird. I mean what would it be like to really hunt and gather your food for every meal.

But then Hannah met food trucks.

And that’s the closest thing to scavenging I’ll ever get. But boy is it awesome! It’s like going on a scavenger hunt for dinner! Hahaha. But a little more innovative than say, the pilgrims, because you just get on the worldwideweb  to one of the greatest technological advances ever; social media: (twitter, Instagram, facebook; take your pick,) and hunt down sites or posts enlightening the whereabouts of different trucks. Then you go to the place they say they’ll be when they say they’ll be there, and scavenge for the actual truck. Guys, it’s so fun!  But you’re right, it’s not really like hunting and gathering… Still,  I try…

(Also every Friday night from say 5ish to 9ish? maybe? the Gilbert Food truck court has a variety of food trucks. Start there if you don’t think you’re ready for real scavenging... they always have something)

2 weeks ago I ventured down there to partake of the {chedda truck}. To get #cheddawasted of course! 

 And might I say, it was de-LISH! (fyi they got a newly painted truck which made its debut today!)

And then Dana Park was hiding the {mywafflecrush} truck in its parking lot. So we went down there, and about 5 people from the front of the line they ran plum out of waffles. But they increased morale by giving the next few people in line a coupon for a FREE waffle! And wouldn’t you know it, they were going to be at the new Cubs spring training facility the very next day for the grand opening… and I was already planning on going. Booyah.

So the next day…

Waffle yum.

Then approximately 7 days later...

More waffle yum. The {wafflelove} truck was at the Orange patch on McKellips, so I HAD to go… to see which one was better of course (wafflelove is my profesh opinion. Love at first bite, after all (oh and these were both chocolate filled with strawberries and cream, but try the nutella with raspberries and cream. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!)).

Then today I found out there is a greek food truck {extra virgin greek food}. Wow. 2 of my very favorite things morphed into one: Greek food and food trucks. Naturally, another must. So I journeyed down to Gilbert again, but the Greek truck pulled up right at the same time we did, so they weren’t ready for customers… So I had to settle for a Queen’s Gyro at Carh’s Kitchen. (Obviously, I was in the greek food mood)

 As I was waiting for my food, the Greek truck opened so Matthew went and ordered this beauty.
 Papa Stavro Fries: fries, gyro meat, lots of feta cheese and tzatziki sauce. HEAVEN! 

May the scavenging bug get to you soon! It's awesome!