Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well the caption says it all... it's like I don't even have words to explain. 

It's just wrong... 
On the bright side, it's worse 5 minutes to the north, east, south and west of Rexburg. There's still hope for this pocket that is Rexburg. We're still hanging on............... Let's at least make it to October before it sticks. And if we could just wait till November that would be awesome, December, even better. January? I would be ecstatic! 

Here's to hopin' 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The latest Gunderson-Dbacks Adventures!

Remember my last post about the Diamondbacks here? Well let me bring you up to speed on our latest dbacks adventures!

First off, remember how we were able to be part of the photoshoot for advertising and marketing collateral and all that cool jazz? Well I couldn’t make it, since I was in Idaho and all, so Matthew and Mariah were going to go. But turns out they had to clean the building that day – alas, a missed opportunity.

But oh well. Life moved on. I still had 2 sets of infield box tickets for home games in August  - 4 for the 7th and  2 for the 10th (Paul Goldschmidt bobblehead night).

And before I knew it, the 7th was here! Matthew, Kayla, Jacob and I were all ready to go to the game! The tickets were at will call under my name – but that day at work I decided to check my email just to make sure I didn’t mess the dates up. Ha. Turns out my August 7th tickets were really for August 6th – the day before. I botched big time. So that was lame. Not only did we miss the photoshoot but we missed the game as well. It was sad – but I was just glad they were free tickets, and really I didn’t even know I was entering a contest to win when I posted the picture – so all was still well in the world – just a little sad.

That Saturday was the 10th so Jeremy and I went and got free Goldschmidt bobbleheads! The game was great –well actually we lost, but the seats were great! 

THEN on August 24 the Diamondbacks beat their old record for the longest game in dbacks history! It went 18 innings and was over 7 hours long! When I saw this I remembered earlier this season when they beat the record with a 5 hour 32 minute game and Derek Hall made part of the upper deck tickets only $5.32. But to do the same thing again would be lame because now they would be more expensive … But don’t you worry! Derek Hall didn’t disappoint! For the next home series he made EVERY SINGLE LOWER DECK SEAT EIGHTEEN DOLLARS for the record 18 inning game. Yeah. CAARAAZY! SO… even though my whole family is poor and half of us were about to start another semester of college, we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by! So… Jeremy went down to the box-office at 6am Monday morning and was the first in line! Rachel and I went Monday night (the 26th) and sat right behind home plate (and were on TV in every pitch) 

Then Jeremy and Mariah went Tuesday night and sat one section over behind home plate. (Matthew didn’t want to spend the money, Kayla didn’t want to stay out late – she has XC at 5 in the morning; and Jacob and my dad already had tickets for Monday’s game that Jacob got for his birthday – more on that later. Maybe. This is getting long.)
But alas, the story doesn’t end there.  On the 7th when I realized I messed up on getting the 4 free tickets I emailed the people who ran the contest and told them of my mistake. And, once again, the Diamondbacks staff proves why they were voted the most fan friendly team in the MLB. As I was in the car driving to the game on the 26 (the $18, right behind home plate game) I got an email back that told me they were giving me TWO MORE FREE INFIELD BOX TICKETS for Wednesday’s game! So Matthew and Kayla got to go on Wednesday! FOR $FREE.99!

But then today I realized something else. I was on instagram and happened to click on another picture I posted at FanFest. 

There was a comment on it from @dbacks that I had never seen before:

“We love this picture! Please send us the highest resolution size that you can to by 3/20/13 for possible inclusion in an upcoming game day program. If you could just send us the two pictures where you are holding the signs separately, that would be great. Thanks!”

Hahahahaha! I really stink at this! So alas, we’ll end on another missed opportunity. But who cares... because there were sure a lot of awesome opportunities this season! And for that I couldn't be happier!  (Now if you could make a run for the play-offs I would be ecstatic! Am I asking too much?) :)