Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cause you're hot then you're cold!!... or cold then hot.. then cold.

Thatcher is an interesting place this year. I think it's confused. Really confused.

Last week on Monday we went up to Mount Graham to play in the snow.... fun right? That's what you usually do in January, because this is the month to be cold.

But then something happened to good'ol Thatch. It got HOT. The kind of hot where you don't need a jacket anymore.... what? I thought it was January! So Saturday, 5 measly days after our snow adventure, we went fishing at the Gila Box... in shorts! Arielle and Abbie's mission for this adventure? To get a tan! Yes, in JANUARY! AYE CURUMBA!! We were on the brink of disaster.

You see, I love wearing jackets. I was not ready to give them up for months and months...and months. But alas, Thatcher didn't let me down. It decided to be cold again! Today the high's were in the high 50's with lows in the high 20's! Perfect weather for this time of year!
Now pretty soon we'll start the count down for it to get warm so we can go tubing down the river! :) Maybe we're just never satisfied...
but besides this near catastrophe, life is good. real good! :)

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