Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not the ending I was looking for.

Well today marked half marathon number four for me. My last two were WAY and a half times better than the blistery mess of my first one last November. My last one was my fastest ever and I was hoping to beat it! Unfortunately, I still didn’t train. Well last week I ran a total of like 8 miles…. But that’s all the training I’ve done since the Bryce Canyon half in July.

I started out and ran the first mile in 8 minutes. Let me just tell you… I’m not a runner. That was the fastest mile time of my life. Mile 2 was slightly longer, but still good. I was feeling pretty good about this race! By mile 5 I was averaging just over 11 minute miles. At mile 7 I think I walked more than I didn’t – but if I kept my pace I could get a new PR – I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it because my second half is always slower.. but it was at least still a possibility.

After the half-way point… I think just after mile 9? But I’m not positive… I biffed it and twisted my right ankle. I got up and kept going, it wasn’t that big of a deal. But then a little while later…. I biffed it again and twisted the same ankle. Except this time I hit my head hard on the dirt, ripped my shirt, ripped my spandex, chipped my ipod, and scraped up both legs, arms, and hands. I wasn’t too far from a street crossing where nice police officers were directing traffic. One of the cops came up to me and kinda made me stop for a while. He looked into my eyes to make sure I didn’t get a concussion or something, and helped me pick the gravel out of my scraped hands and arms. He asked me something about finishing and I just said I was going to finish, I just REALLY didn’t want to finish last. I trudged on and after another half mile of walking, and a very achy right ankle… I tried to run. Ha. Bad idea, Hannah. I fell again… it’s kinda funny now but at the time I was just mad. I walked, limped, and ached my way to the end of the race.

With about 100 feet to go, some lady volunteer came running up to me and said she was going to run with me. She kept trying to encourage me but I’m too prideful and independent.. she just made me feel like a pansy. I didn’t feel like finishing the race was an accomplishment.. I’ve already done that, I wanted to be faster. Plus my whole family was there (10 of whom had already finished…. Long, long, LONG before) standing at the finish line, watching me stagger to the finish, my ankle killed and I just felt stupid. Really really stupid. As soon as I crossed the line everyone told me good job.. but that’s not at all how I felt. I sat down and all these volunteers went to give me water and ice for my ankle. 3 hours and 4 minutes was the verdict… 14 minute miles. Apparently I’m a slow walker when I’m in pain.

Before this I was thinking this would definitely be my last half unless I ever got serious about training. But I don’t want such a terrible attempt to be my last one! I didn’t even get it in less than 3 hours!! Bumski.

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BMGunderson14 said...

I tried to post a comment yesterday and apparently it did not work. I'll try again. I am very proud of the race you ran yesterday. I understand the disappointment that comes from not reaching one's goals or expectations. I also understand the joy that comes from overcoming adversity. You overcame adversity and finished the race strong and your doing that inspired many people in our family, including me. Yesterday was a great day for our family. It was wonderful to have so many people participating together and to sharing the experiences later that evening. Your story contributed greatly to that experience. Future runs and races will be so much more meaningful and sweet to you as you reflect back on yesterday's experience. I admire your courage for getting up and finishing the race. Always remember that success is not in never falling but in raising every time you fall. You rose one more time than you fell during that race so you won and in my eyes you are a champion.
Love, Dad