Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I got myself some beauty marks!

This weekend was a really good one! It was pretty eventful and a lot of fun! Schoolwise, I didn't get that much accomplished. But one thing I did accomplish was giving myself a new array of beauty marks... or lack thereof.
1. On Friday morning I burned my forehead while curling my hair. No big deal, right? WRONG. The thing was white all Friday morning then turned dark and scabby and has been that way ever since. I have caught many a people staring at it as they are talking to me. Hahaha! It's a big triangle in the corner of my forehead.
2. Friday night we played human foozeball. Only, I wore flip flops to the activity. No worries, I just took my shoes off... It's more fun that way anyway. Except, this was no friendly game of foozeball. It was pretty intense and brought out the competitiveness in me (and just as a sidenote: my team won all 3 games I played before we left).. But one time in particular, me and the person from the opposing team across from me, went to kick the ball... I got the ball... he got my foot.. he was wearing shoes... I wasn't... Because of this I am the proud owner of a nasty 5 inch bruise on my left foot. It touches the scar/bruise thing I already had on my left foot from a ward FHE we had back in February.. we ran around in the dark trying to dodge upturned tables and chairs... great idea, huh? Who's for hoping they both go away together? :)
3. Saturday afternoon we went to Mount Graham to pick some apples from the apple orchard and go on a little hike. As we were leaving the orchard, we hurriedly piled in the car. I was climbing to the backseat of Arielle's suburban trying to dodge the jackets that were strewn all over the middle seat. In doing so, I ran into a metal hook thing on the middle seat with my shin. One red goose egg coming right up!
4. Sunday evening we were walking into the institute to attend a wonderful fireside. I opened the door... but was in the way of its trajectory.. The door ran over my foor and split open my toe.
It really was an eventful weekend! I'm not exactly sure where my brain was though. I sometimes do stupid things - but not so many in such a short time! Luckily the body is such an amazing thing and can heal itself!
Pretty soon the beauty marks will go away and i'll go back to my natural beauty... bahahahahahaha!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hint Taken

I may not know a lot, but I do know that the scriptures are the word of God and are here to help each one of us in everything we do. I have seen the impact of the scriptures MANY MANY times in my life. However, a couple weeks ago I started slacking in my scripture reading. I was reading every night, but it was like 5 verses - it took me a week to finish one chapter. It was at this same time that I was wondering what was missing in my life. Good things were happening and I seemed happy, but I could just tell that something was missing and that there were things that I could be doing better. Something wasn't the same, and I wasn't a fan of that.
Well then Sunday rolls around and all of the talks were on the importance of scripture study. The whole time I was thinking, "Wow. These whole Sacrament meeting is here just for me." I could feel the Holy Ghost bearing witness to me of the truthfulness of what they were saying. I knew that by making more time for the scriptures in my life, that everything would run smoother. It was building on my already strong testimony of the scriptures. Unfortunately, as the next week went on, I didn't change my habits. There was a lot going on at school and I kept telling myself that I was just too busy. And I would do better the next night.
Well, before I knew it, it was Sunday again. And, naturally, the talks were on the blessings and importance of the scriptures. Again. This was my second chance. Unfortunately again, I didn't change my bad habit. Every night I would think "I should just read more, I need to read more." But then I would think of all that I needed to do and I would put the scriptures down. This was especially not smart of me because it was at a time when I needed extra strength, help and guidance. There were important decisions to make and I needed His guidance more than anything. Yet, I still didn't do this little thing to help me. Satan was getting the best of me. I didn't seem to have the strength to overcome him even though I KNEW what I needed to do and how it would impact my life.
Today is Sunday again. Guess what the talks were on? You probably guessed it. The scriptures. Okay, okay, HINT TAKEN! I need the scriptures in my life. Everything will fall into place as I make more time for them. I won't let another week get by. I won't make my poor ward listen to another weeks worth of talks on scripture study because I failed to listen to the promptings of the spirit.
These past 3 and a half weeks that I've been slacking in my scripture study I could feel the difference in my life. I knew that something was different, and I didn't like it. Things weren't running as smoothly as they usually did. Now I know why. The little things in life, like reading your scriptures, are truly important. It will make everything else fall into place. I have blessings waiting for me, I just need to do my part... reading the Word of God. That precious book that was written for me today; to find the strength to overcome life's temptations through the examples of the prophets of old.
I'm going to change and it will be for the better.

Recent Happenings

Guess what? Next Sunday is Halloween. That means that next week is NOVEMBER! Holy moly! That means that this semester is coming to an end. It is FLYIN by! But that's not without many a good times that I shall fill you in on via pictures! This semester may be way different than past semesters, but it's not escaping me without some kind of fun adventures!

Spent the beginning of the semester at the river or Cluff Ponds.

Went Craw dad fishing in the canal

Started MASSIVE water fights

Played in a HUGE castle playhouse in Yuma!

Went frog smashin... Don't worry, I have a heart now.. it won't happen again!

Firehose slip n slide!

Kacey's birthday celebration! Then off to the Neon Dance Party!

Explored some caves!

Danced in the rain while eating otter pops! :)

Went on a scaring run!

Made some shirts!

Slip n slide!

Redneck Wednesday!

Went thrift store shopping!

Picked apples in an apple orchard!

Went hiking on Mount Graham!

Yep I love my life! This semester has been pleasant to me! And it's not over yet! I smell a month and a half of awesomeness coming this way! And i'm ready for it!