Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swimmin in Sunshine! {Summer 2011}

In May I thought this summer and next semester were going to be the death of me because I was missing EA and everyone so dang badly. But fortunately for me, it has been quite the opposite! :)

The first week of June Adam, Amanda, Matthew, and I flew to Washington. We stayed with Grandma and Gramps and visited the EMP, Pikes Place, the space needle, Snoqualmie Falls, and some families from Matthew's mission.

At the Emp

Adding a sticker to the sticker poleAdding gum to the gum wall

At the end of the week we met up with the rest of the fam and the Phillips in Leavenworth... one of the coolest little towns in the world!

That weekend we went White Water Rafting down the Wenatchee!! It is definitely my new favorite water activity! Such a thrill!

The next weekend - July 17th and 18th - Jessica Lynch and Leon Bradford got married! Rachel and I went to the temple Friday evening then we met up with Mia and April at the reception Saturday evening! It was so fun to see her again! I'm so excited for them!

The fam was still in Washington and Utah, so Jeremy and I started construction on wiffle ball stadium in the backyard! Jeremy's the mastermind.. I just paint and do whatever i'm told.

The scoreboard. Sweet, eh?

The fourth of July was spent in Utah at a Family Reunion! Always a highlight of the summer! We had a crazy golf family tournament, intense wiffle ball and kickball games, and met Mater on the streets of Gunnison. I even got to meet Joel for the first time.. the newest family edition! Tara and I made cheesecakes for America's birthday... complete with sparklers for candles! What a joy!

2 weeks later - July 16 - I finished another Half Marathon in Bryce Canyon! Soo pretty!
Luckily no pictures of the after race :)

The next weekend, the week of the 24th, I went to Thatcher and bombarded on a Haymore family gathering! It was so great to see ea friends again.. we were even in the parade!

But except for the week in Washington, these have all been weekend excursions. Where can you find me just about any given weekday from 9-5??

In my own little corner...

Of this closet.

Happy Summer everyone! :)

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