Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let it Snow!! IN THATCHER!!

So. Mountains are beautful.. Well mostly everything in the great outdoors is beautiful. But especially mountains. It's also a true story that mountains with snow on them are even better. So 2 weeks ago we went up to Mount Graham to play in the snow before it melted (note the irony) We had a wonderful time sledding, tubing, crashing and all that jazz. (and that is another story on it's own)Well. This whole week has been all rainy and cold, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.. for the most part (We found out Friday morning that we have a very leaky roof.. it was a great thing to wake up to). But with that has brought another heap of snow to Mount Graham. Now the ENTIRE mountain is covered in snow! Not just the tip like it was before. I'm in love.
(This is when we went 2 weeks ago)

WELL THEN On Saturday we were all chilling in our apartment with the door open. We looked outside and it looked as if there was rain falling into all the puddles that covered the ground.. but just the puddles.. the ground wasn't getting that wet. So naturally I went outside to investigate. There were people outside yelling IT'S SNOWING! Well that sure grabbedmy attention. So I leaned over the railing and looked up.. and what did I see? SNOW!! REAL SNOW WAS FALLING FROM THE SKY!!! It was the greatest moment ever. IT SNOWED IN THATCHER!! It only lasted about 3 minutes.. but for all the excitement we had you would have thought it was snowing for days! Later that afternoon the girls took a drive to take pictures of the snowy mountain. We ended up going as far up the mountain as we could (Which wasn't that far) before the roads were closed.