Friday, January 28, 2011

More than a comment per minute!

I don't really care for scary movies. I don't really care for movies at all. Tonight I was a wimp and didn't want to be in the cold, for it was in the 20's. Plus I was tired because this week it seems that I didn't receive shut eye until the wee hours of the morning. And I had to get up before 6 am today.
So, when someone invited me to watch a scary movie, outside (in the FREEZINGNESS), on piles of hay, (well really there were 3 truckloads and 2 couches of people... next to the hay)my immediate reaction was HECK NO! But, after some peer pressure, I gave in and I went. And it was actually really fun, even though we got all the way out there and realized we forgot the dvd player.... so it was after 11 before we even started the movie (and the movie was just plain dumb... I wouldn't reccomend it.. it was like the haunting of connecticut or something like that).
anyway... moving on. i got home just after one to see my lovely roommates and paige and cavin chattin it up. i was no longer tired, so i joined the conversation. for some reason the song "big green tractor" came up and we had an immediate discussion/argument, because that it a song that rachel does not admire. paige posted a quote that i said and cavin's comment to that as her facebook status. pretty soon we were all commenting on that... we went from talking about tractors, to paige, to mesa, to socks, to pants, to enlgish, to misspelled words... and other things too. But want to know the gross part? In less than an hour we had 71 comments!! it gets worse... we were all sitting in the same room as we were commenting on the above mentioned status. It was kinda funny, but mostly just plain wrong.
oh and I must now leave this computer.... I have just been informed that we're taking Paige to Jili's. I love adventures! Maybe I won't sleep tonight.... oh well!

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Rachymanachi said...

I love this blog post with all of my heart because 1) While neither you nor I have not recieved very much shut eye this entire week, we did have some pretty amazing talks that lasted into the wee hours of the morning, 2) You were down right hilarious last night! You should get sleep deprived drunk more often! But in the future, I will probably not be an advocate for Jili's trips at 2:30 A.M. mostly because when I wake up the next morning (or try to) and tell myself what a horrible college student I am. Or does this make us amazing students enjoying the college life..? and 3) I definitely had my most embarassing FB moment ever last night (If there is such a thing?) and you were there to witness it.