Monday, March 31, 2014

Arizona Baseball!

It's back folks! BASEBALL is BACK! And I for one couldn't be happier! 

Well it's actually kinda been back for a month, because I do live in Arizona and all. And Arizona is home of the Cactus League. And the Cactus League is awesome. Mostly because it begins a month before the regular season and I have a plethora of games at my disposal to attend on a daily basis in a 20 mile radius.

MMMmmmm spring baseball!

 I actually only attended 2 spring training games this year... the games may be at my disposal, but I certainly don't have money at my disposal... But I digress.

{Cactus League opening day! February 27, 2014; Camelback Ranch home of the Los Angeles Dodgers}

{March 4, 2014; Cubs Park, home of the Chicago Cubs}

MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BASEBALL!!

I love baseball so much! (In case you hadn't heard.)

And that season opener in Australia sure was fun. Fun fact: Australia is 18 hours ahead of AZ. So a Saturday evening game in Australia is a 2 - 5 am game in AZ. And we all know that anything that happens at 4 am is usually completely horrible or completely awesome. In this case, 4 am baseball was awesome! Except for the loss.... the Dodgers are REAAAAALLLY good this year... :/

Awkward Picture, Sorry,
(I've got a foot theme going this year....)


Tonight was the home opener and it was a doozy! It was one dang awesome game. The outcome could have been better, but it was still super exciting! And even better because we had 4 out-of-staters with us! Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fan out-of-staters at that! We dawned Rebekah and Brandon in Sedona red and watched them cheer their hearts out for Arizona baseball!! (but really we watched them like creepers... they were sitting 4 rows in front of us.... haha family unity at its finest!) it was awesome!

{Opening day! March 31, 2014; Chase Field home of the ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS}

Until next time,