Thursday, August 18, 2011

I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you! :)

Dear Thatcher,
The hustle and bustle of school starting is fast approaching. Many people are reuniting and the good times and facebook hacks have already begun. The town is picking up, friendships are brewing, the apartments are getting stocked, Walmart is consequently getting UNstocked. Frye Mesa and Cluff Ponds are constantly full of college-aged kids basking in some last minute sunshine before they hit the books on Monday. It’s just like mid August of every year, the excitement and anticipation for the new semester is extremely high.

Facebook has so kindly kept me well aware of this. Yes, it is facebook that is left to fill me in on the latest Thatcher adventures. Sadly, I won’t be returning to you, Thatch. In Mesa I do remain, working hard to prepare for my next life escapade. Bittersweet it definitely is.

But dear sweet Thatcher, you have given me memories to last a lifetime. My time spent with you was hands down the best two years of my life.

It was you who watched me leave home for the first time, you watched me understand who I am, who I want to be, and what I need to do to become that person. You offered me better friends than I ever could have imagined who I will always trust and love, and watched me so willingly accept that offer. You watched our friendships grow as we learned from each other and helped each other through tough life decisions and experiences. You provided us with daily adventures – with ponds to kayak in, rivers & canals to float down, parking lots to chalk, a nearby mountain to climb, cotton fields to run through, and red knolls to explore. You listened to our endless laughter and happy reminiscing that carried us into the early morning. You watched us raid the couches and apartment for quarters on laundry day, sacrifice nickels and dimes for snowcones, and budget our measly earnings for groceries. You laughed as we burned many food items, and rejoiced when we perfected others. You looked upon us as we survived through school, learning more than we had anticipated in the process. You watched us study {and cram} for tests, spend hours doing homework, and listened through endless lectures. You gazed upon the always interesting Mormon, college dating scene with all the institute dances and activities. You listened to our roommate chats that entered the wee hours of the morning. You watched my testimony grow as I learned to rely on the Lord when big decisions came up. You provided me with four semesters of sweet, fond memories that I can’t help but look back on and smile.

Yes, I am excited to move on and do something else with my life, but I have a hard time comprehending the fact that anything could compare you, good ol’ thatch. I just don’t think it can….

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Kymber said...

I love this post. And I love you Hannah.