Thursday, October 31, 2013

Awkward and Awesome: Halloween Style

You know those awkward and awesome posts? I kinda like 'em. I think they're pretty funny so i'll give you a little teaser into my awkward and awesome life to keep the suspense raging.

It's called Awkward and awesome: Halloween Style - A look at my most awkward and most awesome Halloween costumes.

Brace yourselves.

2001. I don't think my 10 year old self realized I was dressing up as a naked person...
But I think Matthew's costume takes the cake for the Gunderson family most awkward costume ever... (Beating my bubble bather and the one time Rachel was a piece of gum under a chair... and we don't even know what he was) Clearly this was a bad year for us.


2009. The stick figure. Bast last minute costume of my life, we rocked that party.

And here's this year. Halloween started Saturday night with our ward party and then a few other costume parties around the Burg.
2013. Ms. Frizzle. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people knew and appreciated who I was.. even with an evil looking Liz on my shoulder. And in case you're interested, The Magic School Bus is on Netflix :)

And just for kicks... my first ever doughnut-eating contest...

Was a fail... Rosie the Riveter beat me (She can do it :) bahahaha) And I didn't want to get chocolate frosting all over my teeth!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Assignment Photobombs

On Sunday, Sierra needed to take some pictures for one of her assignments (With homework like that, maybe I chose the wrong major after all...).  Kristen, Georgina, Kellie and I all decided to accompany her.

This was our result.

I'm sure glad I have the opportunity to live with these people. We rarely have a dull moment. They're awesome!