Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well Valentines Day was on Sunday. What a glorious holiday it is. It is this crazy holiday where everyone spends as much money as they have.. or don't have.. to express their love for someone. Well hello, how much more materialistic can we get?! Do we really need a holiday excuse to tell someone we love them? I find it a dumb holiday. But the conversation hearts that come with it are awesome and many hilarious situations come because of them, so maybe it's ok afterall. Well. This particular Valentines day was just a normal day in the life of Hannah Gunderson. It was a great day, even without a "valentine." Along came Wednesday (ya, 3 days late.. whoops) when I decided to stroll on over to the Post Office because I hadn't been there for a long time.. and the Post Office is a cool place. So I opened my box.. and.. WABAM. There was a TON of stuff in there. A lot of junk mail, a letter from the post office wanting my money to renew my box, Rachel got some checks she doens't needs, and I was quite suprised to find an envelope from my dear cousins in Cedar.. Rachel and Tara. Oh how I love them. and there was a KEY in there! Do you know what this means?!? PACKAGE!!! I was so stoked! So I got it out and found the box that belonged to my key and opened it up. There was a beautiful, festive package addressed to Hannah Gunderson and Rachel Hicks, from the one and only Kymber! (There was little rays of sunshine coming off of her name.). I got home and opened everything up. My dearest friend Kymber. I love you. There was a card for both of us and a box of CHOCOLATES. I love chocolate. But I love you more. You really made my day!!! Then I opened the envelope from Rachel and Tara. I love you guys too!! A whole hecka lot! They both wrote me a valentine letter and even water colored a beautiful picture just for me. I was in heaven that day. haha. But really. Besides the fact that the three of you made me feel guilty for not doing anything for anyone, it really meant a lot to get that from you guys. I definitely am surrounded by the greatest people in the world. (Well actually i'm not exactly "surrounded" by you guys, you live far away.. but you get the picture, right?) I am honored just knowing you guys. I LOVE YOU!! Thanks for the Valentines folks!