Sunday, September 11, 2011

A 10-year tribute! Part 2! {American Rhmye Stlye}

10 whole years it has been,
Since that awful day when many lost kin.
The twin towers were struck and eventually fell,
Trapping many, so claustrophobic they couldn’t even yell.
Terrorists were here invading our country
Commandeering airplanes and responsible for the deaths of so many.
The pentagon also was a hijacker’s hit target,
Making this day one we won’t soon forget.
Thousands of innocent lives were lost and countless more injured-
So sudden it happened, leaving a sweet, final goodbye completely unheard.
Another plane was taken, but the intended location a mystery.
Because those courageous passengers tried to take back the plane and avoid further treachery.
A Pennsylvania field is where they took their final breath
But because of their bravery, they saved many from blameless death.
Heroes they are and will forever remain
Along with the many police officers and firefighters who went in unnamed.
Many went into the rubble, though not all came out
But their valor is still recognized – of that there is no doubt.
The nation was shocked, glued to the TV;
“Are we being attacked?” “How could this be??”
We united as one, together we’ll conquer
We looked to our nations strong past for a firm, sturdy anchor.
We’ve overcome so much, we’ll do it again!
We’re the United States of America and our land we’ll defend!
We’ve had God on our side, he understands our plea;
Our freedoms are needed - something He has helped us see.
As of today, a decade’s gone by-
We remember that September morning when so much went awry.
There’s a prayer in our hearts to those who lost their lives,
Along with their children, friends, husbands and wives.
And all those affected – the numbers are great
This day will forever hold an emotional weight.
But we will also relish in our American pride..
Our nation-giving liberties are something wanted worldwide!
We’re a blessed people, given so much!
So many people have and continue to fight to make it such!
Because of that I love this land!
No matter you’re ideologies, united we stand!
We’re the U S of A, we’re determined to win!
Simply put, I’m proud to be an American!

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