Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm ready!

Dear Thatcher,
In 2 short days I will, once again, be in your presence and as happy as can be! Christmas break was fun and relaxing, but slightly on the long side. My family is sweet and all, but sometimes I can only handle small doses. (I know, I know, it’s bad. But I’m working on it!) So I am gladly awaiting the day when we can be reunited at last!
I’m ready to have friends again! I’m ready to stay up late, doing nothing at all! I’m ready for spontaneous adventures! I’m ready to see my roommates! I’m ready to go into poor, starving, college student mode! I’m ready for anything! Heck, I’m even ready to study and do homework! (Well, maybe)
And guess what you thriving metropolis town of Thatcher? YOU can accomplish all these things for me! You are my hero! As crazy as everyone thinks I am for this, I love you dear town of Thatcher!
So get ready for the greatest semester you have ever witnessed!! It’s the last one I have with you and I’m determined to make it AWESOME!
I’m ready. Are you?!
You have 2 days to prepare yourself as much as you can. Good luck.
Hannah Gunderson

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