Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I want to be a ninja!

Have you ever seen American Ninja Warrior? It's probably the coolest show to ever exist in the history of television. I've watched 4 episodes now, and i'm hooked. (Once again, something that my brothers and I encountered on a lunch break...). Check it out sometime, it is ridiculously awesome and entertaining! Some people in this world are CRAZY.

And to all you Mesa residents: What's with this weather?! It was 80 degrees on Christmas Day, then 4 days later it's snowing in my front yard! IT'S NUTS!! But I don't mind these highs in the low sixties, high fifties. I'll enjoy them while I can!

Oh and the other day I realized that London Tipton from the Disney Channel was made to make fun of Paris Hilton. I thought this was hilarious. I'm proud of you Disney! I liked it a lot, So I figured I would share my newly obtained informaton.

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mlaessig said...

I love American Ninja Warrior too! Something about it is addictive. Check out my blog about my attempt for middle-aged Ninja Warrior glory!