Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Techno Shower Raves

This is a view of our bathroom. 

Does anything seem weird or out of place here? Anything at all? Pay no attention to the overflowing trash can… it was the only one we had when we first moved in.

No? How about in this one?

Take a look at the location of that light switch.

It’s OUTSIDE of the bathroom.

 There is only one explanation… the bathroom was designed by an only child. No human with siblings or roommates would ever put a light switch on the outside of a bathroom.

If one of us suffers a seizure before the semester is over, it’s probably from the techno strobe light experience we receive every so often. 

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Hahaha, does the door lock at least? quite a few of the bathrooms in apartments on my mission didn't have lockable bathrooms. When that was the case, newcomers were certain to get a nice ice water addition to their shower. Always fun! (If you were the one pouring the ice water that is)