Sunday, June 10, 2012

Serious case of the diamondbacks blues...

So I live in Idaho now... and mostly there are 3 things that I miss about AZ. My family, the sun, and the Diamondbacks. Oh and the 3 week American history tour my family is currently enjoying... but i'm receiving a hilarious play-by-play from Mariah, so it kinda makes it worth it. A little. Ok not really, but i'm over it. 

But out of all of those I'm fairly certain that the one I miss the most is.... the diamondbacks. Maybe because I can still talk to my family and know i'll seem them soon. and because every once in a blue moon the sun comes out for a day or so. but i'm missing THREE QUARTERS OF THE ONLY 2012 BASEBALL SEASON THE DIAMONDBACKS WILL EVER PLAY! I am not handling this very well. I check the scores pretty often, but it's just not the same.  I don't know how the individual players are doing. I'm missing the EXCITEMENT. Whoever says baseball is not an exciting sport, obviously.... just... I don't even know what to say.... they just don't know anything. There is a rather large section of my heart devoted to baseball, the Diamondbacks in particular. And there is LOTS of excitement. My heart has started racing many a times during these games, launching me to my feet, with my hands on my head. The walk off homers, the crazy catches, the strikeouts or ground-balls to get outta jams, come from behind wins, rookie moments, throwing base runners out, sweeping a rival team, clutch hits, the driving energy as they round the bases. Momentum is not something you can read about on the play-by plays, it's something you need to experience. Plus all the season fluff. You know, the jokes and pranks the players play, Ryan Robert's fierce vein popping facial expressions, the fist pumps, the dog piles, the outfield sandwiches, the legends race, Mark Grace and Derek Sutton's rants, the brawls, the suspensions, pitchers nailing players in the head, managers getting kicked out of games. Everything. I'm missing it all. 

(Photo Courtesy of the Diamondbacks fb page... who ALWAYS posts pictures, making my case of the dback blues 50 times worse!)

First on my agenda when I go home will definitely be a Diamondbacks game! And an outside BBQ... even in the 115 degree weather! I'm SOOO stoked!!!

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