Thursday, September 13, 2012

Keeping it Classy in College

Remember my "classy" goals for 2012? Well this may or may not have anything to do with those…  But it’s funny nonetheless!

My five roommates and I all spent the weekend unpacking and getting settled into our apartment. None of us knew each other previously, so we got to know each other and laughed a whole lot. We also proposed the idea of making Sunday dinners together.

Sunday came and Megan decided to go ahead and be the first to make our weekly Sunday dinner. Well our apartment was still kind of a mess; there were empty and half empty boxes everywhere (and still are for that matter). So when she went to set the table, we weren’t sure if we were all going to fit. Kayley quickly announced that she would just eat on the couch.  But before she could even finish, Megan responded, “NO! This is our good Sunday meal. We will all sit down at the table. It’s one day a week for 30 minutes, you can do it.” (or something to that effect… I don’t quite remember now). I laughed at her quick INSISTINCE on eating a proper meal and made a joke about how classy we would become because of it. Before long, everyone started in on the classy jokes, except Megan. She took them in lightly but underneath she was becoming COMPLETELY DETERMINED to make this meal classy.


She started setting the table. “We need ambiance” so she brought in a lamp from her bedroom and turned off the lights. 
We all decided to play classical musical softly in the background... (i'm getting cultured and classy)

“Does anyone have placemats?” Uhh… no we’re in college. Who has placemats? So she went into the bathroom and pulled 6 green hand towels and set them under the plates.

“We need flowers or something” I offered to gather all the toothbrushes and put them in a cup/vase for a floral-like centerpiece, but she declined my invitation.

As Kariann is putting a bagged salad on the table, “It can’t go on like that, put it in a bowl!”

As Megan is searching through the knives trying to find 6 that match, Kariann adds, “We’re eating spaghetti we don’t need knives.” To which Megan replies, “That’s not the important thing, we need a proper table”

All the while the classy jokes from the peanut gallery were firing in rapid succession. I was almost on the ground I was laughing so hard.

Then it was dinner time. Classy meals can be delicious as well. This one sure was.

Pinky's out. Classy dinner #1 was a success! Thanks Megan! :)

Next week Kariann is going to make a Chilean dinner.  When it’s my turn I’ll probably make pigs in a blanket and have everyone sit on the floor on a blanket or in a fort. Haha I kid. Sort of. 

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