Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Perfect Timing

Do you know what is perfect timing? The Lord's timing.
He said that "All things must come to pass in their time." He knows what that time is, not us, so we need to put our trust in him. He knows and understands a lot more than we do. He will help us when the time is right... even if it's not when we want. We just need to continually put our faith in him and everything will work out. He won't abandon us. He wants us to return back to Him. The struggles that come our way are to help us and make us learn the things we need to learn. We need to suffer sometimes. But at the right time, everything will get better and we will be able to see why we needed to suffer that way, at that time.

And that's not all! The Lord is so aware of each of us and all that we are going through. When we are struggling with something he ALWAYS puts things in our path to help us succeed. Always, always, always.
Just today I was having some doubts about myself and other things. I randomly stumbled upon MULTIPLE different scriptures, talks, and stories that were EXACTLY what I needed to hear. He is so aware of me. My dreams, my fears, my everything. He knew that at that moment I was struggling and needed some extra help. He put those things in my way to help me realize what I needed to do to overcome.
It is so amazing how perfect the plan is for each one of us. We all have a specific work to do. We all have divine potential. We all have different imperfections, but our imperfections are for each one of us specifically. We need to make the most of them, they were given to us for a reason. We will learn what we need to learn by experiencing them.We can't all be the same, we, especially, can't all be the same perfect people. That would be oh so boring! We are supposed to be ourselves and NO ONE else. We are here to learn and we have been given everything we need to succeed. We can do it!


Zoe Brimhall said...

how funny. your blog is what i needed to hear. :)

Kymber said...

Same here. Hannah, I love you.