Thursday, November 4, 2010

Faggots, dragons, and "Oh! I always drop my phone in the road!"

Tonight = success.
Really, it was a great night! It all started with a tailagate party at 6:30 for the Regional volleyball game. Ahh Yeah free food! Well actually I didn't even eat it because I wasn't hungry.. but that's besides the point. Free food just makes everything better.
The volleyball game was HECKA intense. We ended up winning in just three games - but they were all really close. The crowd was super loud and supportive the whole time! It was sooo exciting and probably the most fun game of the season. Pretty sure my throat will be a little soar the next few days. Plus, I, along with the majority of the crowd, was wearing an EAC pillowcase bandana.. and it surely doesn't get much better than that!
After that we were off to the Safford baseball fields for the bonfire (for homecoming week, of course). This is not the boring, everyone stand around and stare bonfire either! They shot off fireworks that were SAWEET... fireworks are just plain cool. They also had pizza! WHAT?! 2 opportunities for free food in one night?! Like I said, it was a great night! :) Hahaha. It was thoroghly enjoyable.. lots of talking, people, dancing, and burning. Yes, burning. We had a contest to see who could stand close to the fire the longest (apparently common sense wasn't present). I won the first game and Abbie and I called it even on the second after far too long of suffering. I might have some blisters on my backside... Youch.
The drive back to the apartment was hilarious. We, once again, had more people than seatbelts, so we were squished. Everything that was said was HILARIOUS. My abs still hurt from it actually. We almost hit a car, but Abbie decided it would be okay if we hit that particular car.
After the bonfire we were going to climb a grain sylo. As we were waiting for everyone to come, we had some pretty funny times. Earlier in the night we had been talking about a fag jar that I said we should make..Kacey said she wouldn't stop saying fag because it was in the scriptures. I looked it up... she wasn't deceiveing me. So, tonight, we had a conversation that went as follows...
Hannah: Mosiah 17:13
Cody: What does that say?
Hannah: FAGGOT!
Kacey: Wiggedy wiggety wack!
That makes it sound terrible, but at the time it was pretty funny. We were also reminiscing on all the good times we had last semester. It was great.
But remember how our mission was to climb a grain sylo? Well, by the time everyone was ready it was 11:30 and we were all pretty exhausted so we decided to not even go tonight.
Instead, all the girls went on our nightly walk! :) I love that thing! It was the first time Kacey and Jacie had been. Kacey was jumping off of everything making the sound that our good'ol friend, Kirby Heyborne, told us about yesterday. Then suddenly Abbie, with her hood, became a ninja and me in my blanket became a dragon. We fought. I don't remember who prevailed. Then on more than one occasion throughout the walk, Jacie dropped her phone on the pavement and it fell to pieces. For some reason it was really funny... every time.
Haha sorry this is so long.. and so random. I bet you can tell it was just one of those nights were everything was funny... even the things that really aren't funny were funny. But only to us. Ahh. I think i'll go now. I have to get up before 7, which is in 6 hours... and I still need to shower because I smell like smoke!... ready, set, BREAK!

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I think you need to sleep more. Just sayin'.