Friday, November 12, 2010

I walk normal now!

It's a beautiful day! I don't have to hobble to class! haha! Oh how I love my life.... and my wonderful, hardworking, heal -themselves feet! :)
It's been quite the week. Monday night Cody popped the rest of the blisters. The only reason we didn't do all of them before was because rumor had it that it would cause infection. Well after one day of ridiculous walking that still caused pain.. just in a different place.. I didn't even care about infection... (well I do.. remember how I said I love my hardworking feet? Well they do work hard, believe me. I don't want them to get gangrene and fall off! That would be disasterous!) But alas, I was willing to take the chance.. I thought this way it would get a callous faster and I could be normal!
Tuesday morning I went to put shoes on before class... my left foot was definitely swollen and the buckle on my sandal didn't fit around it... so I wore slippers to class and devotional. It was awesome. I probably would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't accompanied with my wobble.. but oh well.
Wednesday I tried walking normal on my way home from class... my big blister on the sole of my foot exploded in my moccasin and sock. It was NASTY! Then throughout the rest of the day everytime a tad of pressure was put on that foot it would explode.. it happened 7 times! I don't even know how there was so much fluid in that thing!
Thursday the same thing... but I didn't even try to avoid it. I just walked and if I got a little squirt in my sock.... so be it. (Ok, that sounds disgusting... but I wasn't wearing shoes so it wasn't as gross.. and it only happened twice all day)
Now today there is not a problem in sight! Well, unless you look at the bottom of my feet.. but who's looking there? I mean, that's gross... I don't walk around showing people my feet! Especially now because there are little pieces of skin hanging off almost every toe of mine. But to the rest of the world who just sees me walking around.. I AM NORMAL AGAIN!! Ahh.. It's so refreshing!

I'm so upset that I didn't take pictures until Wednesday after they were all popped.. oh well... here are the ones on the soles.... ENJOY! (Oh. and you know how some people have good lookin' feet? Well I am not one of those people. But you can look at them anway... or look away... which ever you prefer)

Oh ya! My roommates MADE me ride this around Walmart on Monday. Never before have I gotten so many dirty looks from old people. I did not enjoy it. I wouldn't reccommend it.

Right foot

Left foot


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Zoe Brimhall said...

oh my gosh, that blister is HUGE!

i love riding around in those carts. i always crash into something though. one time my dad pretended to have a lame leg to get one of those, so i kept calling him Witherlegs and people who heard me glared at me and gave me the dirtiest looks! it was hilarious! :D