Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I got myself some beauty marks!

This weekend was a really good one! It was pretty eventful and a lot of fun! Schoolwise, I didn't get that much accomplished. But one thing I did accomplish was giving myself a new array of beauty marks... or lack thereof.
1. On Friday morning I burned my forehead while curling my hair. No big deal, right? WRONG. The thing was white all Friday morning then turned dark and scabby and has been that way ever since. I have caught many a people staring at it as they are talking to me. Hahaha! It's a big triangle in the corner of my forehead.
2. Friday night we played human foozeball. Only, I wore flip flops to the activity. No worries, I just took my shoes off... It's more fun that way anyway. Except, this was no friendly game of foozeball. It was pretty intense and brought out the competitiveness in me (and just as a sidenote: my team won all 3 games I played before we left).. But one time in particular, me and the person from the opposing team across from me, went to kick the ball... I got the ball... he got my foot.. he was wearing shoes... I wasn't... Because of this I am the proud owner of a nasty 5 inch bruise on my left foot. It touches the scar/bruise thing I already had on my left foot from a ward FHE we had back in February.. we ran around in the dark trying to dodge upturned tables and chairs... great idea, huh? Who's for hoping they both go away together? :)
3. Saturday afternoon we went to Mount Graham to pick some apples from the apple orchard and go on a little hike. As we were leaving the orchard, we hurriedly piled in the car. I was climbing to the backseat of Arielle's suburban trying to dodge the jackets that were strewn all over the middle seat. In doing so, I ran into a metal hook thing on the middle seat with my shin. One red goose egg coming right up!
4. Sunday evening we were walking into the institute to attend a wonderful fireside. I opened the door... but was in the way of its trajectory.. The door ran over my foor and split open my toe.
It really was an eventful weekend! I'm not exactly sure where my brain was though. I sometimes do stupid things - but not so many in such a short time! Luckily the body is such an amazing thing and can heal itself!
Pretty soon the beauty marks will go away and i'll go back to my natural beauty... bahahahahahaha!!!

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