Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recent Happenings

Guess what? Next Sunday is Halloween. That means that next week is NOVEMBER! Holy moly! That means that this semester is coming to an end. It is FLYIN by! But that's not without many a good times that I shall fill you in on via pictures! This semester may be way different than past semesters, but it's not escaping me without some kind of fun adventures!

Spent the beginning of the semester at the river or Cluff Ponds.

Went Craw dad fishing in the canal

Started MASSIVE water fights

Played in a HUGE castle playhouse in Yuma!

Went frog smashin... Don't worry, I have a heart now.. it won't happen again!

Firehose slip n slide!

Kacey's birthday celebration! Then off to the Neon Dance Party!

Explored some caves!

Danced in the rain while eating otter pops! :)

Went on a scaring run!

Made some shirts!

Slip n slide!

Redneck Wednesday!

Went thrift store shopping!

Picked apples in an apple orchard!

Went hiking on Mount Graham!

Yep I love my life! This semester has been pleasant to me! And it's not over yet! I smell a month and a half of awesomeness coming this way! And i'm ready for it!

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