Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My roommates are better than your roommates!

Today was a lovely day. Well actually I wasn't that productive this afternoon... Raegan, Arielle, Abbie and I went to Sonic after devotional and they were all saying how they were soo tired. I was thinkin to myself "hmmmm I'm really not that tired." I came home after because I had a lot to do before I needed to go to work at 4. But then I was like oh maybe I am a little tired, I'll just lie down for a few minutes then get right to homeworking. Well. An hour and a half later I woke up. Yes guys, I TOOK A NAP TODAY! I usually can't sleep in the afternoons, it just won't happen. But not today. I'm a changed woman! :) But all this is besides the point. This is supposed to be proving my point that my roommates are better than yours.
First off, Our conversations are the greatest and usually pretty funny. Last night I came home early at 10:30 so I could study for my test today. Well we got to talking... which led to more talking.. and more and more and more.. and pretty soon it was almost 2 in the morning and I still hadn't studied a lick. (Don't worry I got up early this morning to study... then my 8:00 class ended up being cancelled so I used that time to study some more) But it was just so enjoyable that I didn't even care.. or ever notice the time.
THEN today we had Enrichment night where the Bishopric made a gourmet breakfast for dinner. YUM. But unfortunately I couldn't go because I had work. Well as I'm walking home, I retrieve the cellular device from my pocket and see this picture message that was sent 30 minutes before.

"Hurry and get home! Your dinner awaits!"

Yep. They are awesome and brought food for me home with them. I love them! They are the greatest! And a cold waffle never tasted so good!!


Zoe Brimhall said...

My roommates are better because they don't exist! Yay for having my own room! haha just kidding. your roommates sound super fun and nice. also, i didn't know thatcher had a devotional on tuesdays, too! is it the byu broadcast?

Anonymous said...

I love this! It just made my day! If bringing you home cold food made you this happy, I'll do it anytime ;)