Friday, September 3, 2010


So a good friend of mine, Kelsey Brown, came to my apartment today and taught me how to Mexican Dance. Haha I know what you're thinking... but don't worry, we closed the blinds first. When this wonderful lesson,which basically consisted of everyone laughing at me, was over, we went to the institute because they were teaching everyone how to Mexican Dance for the Mexican Independance Day Celebration. Once there, I got to use my awesome skills that Kelsey taught me. Hahaha it was a joke. After I finished dancing with someone, who had to be a very patient person because I just WAS NOT getting it, all of my wonderful, supportive friends just looked at me and said, "Well.... you've improved a lot!" Haha. Thanks guys. If that was my improvement I really don't want to see what I looked like at first. :)
Today's Lesson Learned: Hannah really can't dance.
It was a lot of fun though, and i'm pretty good at making a fool out of myself. :)

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