Monday, July 14, 2014


Days 1-3. Friday, June 27 to Sunday, June 30, 2014.

The only thing we really had planned was the Diamondbacks-Padres game on Saturday evening. Oh and I guess everyone else was excited for the beach.... but I just like baseball. 

We stayed at this awesome hotel right across the street from Balboa Park. The kids all stayed in a sweet suite (see what I did there? :).
*Friday evening we went to the beach.
*Saturday morning we went to the beach. And I bought a gyro from the small, musty Greek restaurant right on the boardwalk, it was DE-LISH!
*Saturday afternoon Tammy, Kira, Kayla and Jacob went to the beach while Dad, Matthew, Mariah and I went to Balboa park.
*Saturday night we went to the baseball game.
*And Sunday morning we went to Balboa Park. We got tickets to the Instruments of Torture, a special traveling exhibit, and with that came tickets to the Museum of Man. I've been to very few museums at Balboa Park but I've loved them all... but this one was probably my favorite!
**Friday Evening**

 **Saturday Morning**

 **Saturday Afternoon**

**Saturday Evening**

 Jacob got Chase Anderson's autograph...

It was the 2nd San Diego home game since Tony Gwynn's death.  Many people had come to his statue to pay their respects for him. Lots of flowers, balloons, jerseys, posters, collages, and other memorabilia. And for Friday night's game they had the #19 in right field. It was pretty cool. 
The gang.
Had to get in some of Kayla and Kira's snapchat Selfies...

Maybe the most awkward photo i've ever been in!

It was my second time at Petco Park and I still think this is one of my favorite ballparks just for the view! Love it!

then sunday at noonish mom met us at balboa park and we left dad, tammy, matthew and kira at the museum of man as we began the drive to Hayward, CA...

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