Wednesday, July 16, 2014

GUNDERSUMMER13: Eureka to Orting

Day 5. Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

Our first stop of the day was a few miles North of Eureka, CA at agate beach. (NOT agate like agave... but  rathe agate rhymes with faggot..). It's this awesome secluded beach (like you have to practically walk through a jungle to get there, secluded.) Granted it was early in the morning but I think we saw maybe 3 other people the whole time.

 jungle exploring

 The view from halfway through the jungle. 

And instead of seashells washing up on the beach, agates wash up. They are little stones that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. It was pretty cool!  It was also pretty low tide so we got to see all sorts of anemone and other fun creatures us Arizonians are not used to seeing. 

When our fun here was over we got back on the road. The fog was really dense so the times when the trees cleared enough for us to see the ocean from the highway, all we could see was this wide open, all-encompassing white abyss just to our left. It was actually pretty creepy. But luckily this is where we entered the official "Redwood National Forest" so the trees were pretty thick and covered the creepy white abyss right up. 

I wish there was a way to capture the majesty of that forest in a picture. But you just can't. It was definitely memorable! 
Look at the width of these trees. They are HUGE.

There was no way to get the whole length of the trees in a picture. This isn't even half their height. They're really big. Like the biggest living thing i've ever seen. 

We were going to be driving through both Eugene and Portland, OR. So obviously we put a stop at Voodoo donuts on our agenda. We bought a dozen and they couldn't even close the box. They probably should have given us two.. An overflowing box of donuts isn't prime road trip material. But they sure were tasty! 

Overpriced, but tasty! And now we can say we've tried them. 

We finally got to Grandma and Gramps' house at about 11pm. It was a very long day of driving. So we were all ready and willing to just relax and play games all day in Orting on Wednesday. 

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