Saturday, May 31, 2014

We finally did it!

Ever since like.... high school, some friends and I have been talking about taking a road trip to California to go to six flags. Every summer it gets brought up, and every summer something happens or schedules don't align, or something happens and it never panned out.

Until this year.

We just started talking about one night. And everyone was just like yeah, let's do it! So we planned it. And everyone was game. Although a few days later we decided to alter the plans a little, and the new plans didn't include six flags. Yeah for a cheaper trip, boo for no roller coasters. But we couldn't make it work on a weekday and we didn't want to spend tons of money to wait in lines all day. But that's all besides the point. It was all planned, yet we still didn't want to get our hopes up too high. We were all still thinking it wouldn't happen. Something was going to come up. We had been planning this trip for years and it never worked out. But then the day came. And we went. WE WENT TO CALIFORNIA. We finally did it!

It was a pretty short trip. But oh so fun!

                                                             Hotel Shenanigans! 

Our first stop Friday morning was the Santa Monica Pier:

 And of course we rode on the iconic Ferris Wheel! The view wasn't bad at all...

We stopped our Pacific Park adventure for a bit to eat at Bubba Gump's right on the pier.. that place was one of a kind. Such a fun little restaurant. 

 Then we went back on the coaster! 
It certainly wasn't six flags worthy, but it was still fun! 
We took selfies the whole time....

You can't do that at six flags! (I'm making myself feel better)

 Our next stop was supposed to be Hollywood. But traffic was completely horrendous. It took us almost 2 hours to get to this awesome Harry Potter store. Although they were all out of chocolate frogs...
 The Great Hall
 Voldemort guarding our masked faces.

Then the moment I was waiting for. 

 I was able to convince them that this was a good idea! They're keepers for sure! 

 We hugged in the hot dog line. And 2 separate people asked if we were from Utah. What the random!?

 Saturday we drove down to Huntington Beach: 

Beach, Dodger stadium, Santa Monica Pier, Roller coasters... pretty solid trip if you ask me! Time to plan another one! 

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