Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chicago 2014

Jeremy, Matthew and I are all trying to watch a game in every major league ballpark before we die. So far i've only been to 5...  I need to up my game! So this last weekend we went to Chicago to see Wrigley Field. It was awesome! We got to our hotel Saturday morning about 2 am (after our flight was delayed, and then waited for 45 minutes at the airport for our hotel shuttle). We were finally all settled and ready to sleep at 3ish. Then we were up at 6am to start the adventure!

Leaving Phoenix:
(I love AZ)

Our first stop was the bean in Millennium Park. 

 And, naturally,  the classic bean selfies...

Then we went on an architecture cruise right on the river. It was so cool! Our tour guide was a home grown Chicagoan, who had a lot of Chicago pride that seeped out of his monologue, with lots of cool facts and history of the buildings, as well as the types of architecture.  I mostly just wanted to go for Wrigley Field, but everyone else wanted to do this. So I forked out the big bucks... and i'm so glad I did. It was one of my favorite parts! I would definitely recommend it! 
 I can't get over how much I love this skyline!

Waiting for it to start

 Amanda really did enjoy it... (but remember we had less than 3 hours of sleep)

Then we walked along the Navy Pier. They were doing a lot of construction, so it wasn't as cool as I had hoped. But we did walk to the top of the parking garage for more cool pictures of the skyline! The pictures don't do the beauty justice. 

Then the moment I was waiting for: WRIGLEY FIELD. It surely didn't disappoint! This year is the 100 year anniversary, so that made it even cooler! (Fun fact: The Cubs played the Dbacks on the very 100 year anniversary this season) They're doing all sorts of fun throwbacks and promotions this year. 

 Chicago really does have great fans. The Cubs aren't even that good this year, and it was freezing outside, but it was packed. (We've got work to do Dbacks fans!) We left after the 7th inning stretch, which may have been the coolest part of the game! It originated at Wrigley Field with the cubbies. So with that and the fact that Chicago has awesome fans, everyone was singing at the top of their lungs.  It was pretty sweet!

We went back downtown to Union Station. It was closed for some huge red carpet event, so we couldn't go inside. 

The next important thing we needed to accomplish: Chicago style deep dish Pizza! We went to Giordano's Famous Stuffed Pizza. It was de-lish! The crust is stuffed with lots of mozzarella cheese, sausage, mushrooms and peppers. And then the sauce is on top. It was delightful! 

After pizza we walked back to the nearest train station and rode an hour back to the airport, got another shuttle back to our hotel and went to sleep by 10:30-11ish. We were EXHAUSTED! Then we were up at 2:45am to catch the 3:15 shuttle back to the airport to get on our 5am flight back to Phoenix. 

With less than 7 hours of sleep both nights combined, it was a crazy 24 hours, and i'm still a little tired...  But it was so worth it! 

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