Sunday, April 6, 2014

General Conference April 2014

General Conference is seriously always the best weekend! I love it so!

Family, temples and prophets were on the agenda this weekend! We weren't able to go up to Centerfield for the big family gathering, but us Arizonians enjoyed the beautiful weather here in good ol' AZ!

(my very unprofessional panorama skills makes our house look 5 times bigger!)

When the boys were at the Priesthood session, the girls all went to the Gilbert temple to take some pictures.
 Fact: You can't walk around the temple grounds when the temple is closed. That was unfortunate, but we still enjoyed the view from the front!

In between sessions on Sunday, I went to the Mesa temple to take more pictures. Temples are beautiful, guys, especially in the spring! Those flowers were gorgeous! And that Mesa temple just doesn't take a bad picture. Bahaha, but seriously, it doesn't have a bad side!

Oh and Mariah was greatly inspired during conference and came up with superhero alter ego's for all the kids in our family...
It may just be her best piece of work yet!

What an uplifting weekend! I am so grateful for my membership in this gospel and the peace and hope that come from listening to our prophets words! I know Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet and that he and the quorum of the 12 apostles, and the members of the seventy are servants of the Lord and as we follow their teachings and counsel, we will be blessed and led safely home to live with our Father in heaven again. 

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{this is us} said...

A. You take the prettiest pictures of the temple!!
B. I know like this much (holding fingers up all small like) about super heroes, but Mariah's list is hilarious!
C. Thank you for your sweet testimony at the end! <3