Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mystery of the Internet

Soo this summer I have been one confused gal, all because of the mystery of the internet.
You see, when I came home from Thatcher I got on the internet with the intent of looking for a place to purchase a swimsuit. I found a place but the site was blocked. This set off my curiosity because I didn't think my family had that many blocks for the internet, and this was clearly a clean site. So.. I looked at my internet connection and it said I was connected to LDSAccess with a "low" singnal.. WHAT THE?! How could this be? This was from the institute! How was I getting connection from the institite when I was 150 miles away?? I didn't even get it in my apartment! It was the craziest thing!
I just thought maybe the institute wanted me back. haha. Just kidding, but really. I didn't know how this was happening! I went about my summer, and often the little icon would pop up and say I was connected to LDSAccess. I was so very confused every time.
Jeremy said that every once in a while he would be connected to ASU's institute internet as well. THEN one day his old companion, from Tucson, came to our house and he had internet from Tucson's institute! WHAT WAS GOING ON? I thought maybe the church was trying to take over the world, and this was the start of it. It was the weirdest thing. Often times that's what I would think about as I was trying to fall asleep.. ok, maybe that's a lie, but still.. I couldn't figure it out.
But alas, the story doesn't end in such confusion. Jeremy solved the mystery. Remember how we live right next door to Poston's seminary building? Ya, remember how that is a church building? Remember how all church buildings have the same password to connect to the internet, so likewise have the same internet connection?
Ha. Yes, that was it. I wasn't getting my connection from good'ol Thatcher, Jeremy wasn't getting his from ASU, and his companion/friend/dude wasn't getting it from Tucson. It was just the ol Seminary building right next door with the same LDSAccess.
I'm so glad this is solved.

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Kymber said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Funniest story of my life. Shoot, I think Jeremy needs a detective badge. Watch out Nancy Drew.