Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last Final

What would life be like if there wasn't drama for your last testing center test of your undergraduate career?

I wouldn't know.

Yesterday I took a test in the testing center. I got there and the line wasn't that bad, so I was in high spirits! I took my test and was outta there lickety-split because I needed to stop by the bookstore and then get home before my clothes finished in the dryer (I didn't want a stranger to take my clothes out - especially if they weren't dry yet!).

I walked into the hallway to see my score, and I didn't see it. It wasn't there! I figured they were probably backed up because of the finals week mayhem. So I went on my way to the bookstore.

I got home, got my laundry 3 minutes after the dryer finished (and my clothes had already been taken out, put on top (STILL DAMP) and a new load had been in for 1 minute... they didn't waste ANY time!!), and went to the testing center's website online to check my score.

You can't see your scores unless you have Mozilla Firefox.

I download Mozilla Firefox.

My score wasn't there.

Now i'm getting anxious.

I call the testing center (I seriously didn't want to walk back up to campus, it was cold!) and told them of the situation. They took down my information and said they would check it out and get back to me. I started compulsively checking to see if my score changed every 30 minutes. Nothing.

All day, nothing happened.

Then finally, the test appeared under my section but where the grade was supposed to be it said, "See instructor." I didn't know what that meant, but it satisfied me a little, at least they found it!

Fast forward to tonight. I received the email correspondence between my professor and the testing center administrator person... They still hadn't found my test and they looked EVERYWHERE. But my professor said I could just retake it because he was already out of town and didn't have another test I could take.

I guess that should be good news, but mostly it was lame.

So I went back to the testing center and the line was halfway through the crossroads! Luckily I got to go straight into the administrator's office and get it all sorted out. It took forever but finally I was back in the testing center taking the same test I took yesterday, in the exact same seat.

And that's that.

But the best part? I would have been fine just not taking the test either time. On the last day of class my professor brought Christmas cheer with him. He went out of town for a conference and missed the whole last week of class. He missed 2 other days this semester for his associate dean duties. So. He decided, on the last day of class, to DROP OUR LOWEST EXAM! I already had an A in the class so no matter what I got on the exam, he would drop it and I would still have an A...

So I didn't feel bad for the huge advantage I had over the other students... I didn't even need it. That's probably why he didn't care so much...

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