Monday, May 31, 2010

Water Balloons and BBQs

Today we were in the midst of a normal Memorial Day holiday when Adam got the GREATEST idea. We were all planning on going to my dad's house later that evening for our family BBQ and Adam decided to make it just a tad better with WATER BALLOONS!! So he came over and we filled them up to take over there. We wanted a sneak attack, but we weren't exactly sure how to do it. We got there and everyone else was already in the pool, so as unsuspicious as humanly possible, we moved the 2 coolers of balloons to the garage and got in the pool. 45 minutes later it was time to eat, so everyone piled out of the pool and found places to eat around the yard. After dinner everyone was still lounging around, talking and such. Adam snuck out of the conversation and got a balloon and launched it at Jacob, it was awesome because no one was expecting it. Everyone else went inside and Adam, Amanda, Jeremy, Rachel and I all snuck around the yard with a balloon in each hand and fired at my dad, just minding his own business, flipping the burgers. His whole back was soaked, and before he knew what hit him we were out of there! Kayla thought she had a great idea and went inside and got her handful of balloons and started filling them up in the front yard, she had no idea we had 2 coolers full of them sitting in the garage. As she was filling them up we got her too! We were on a roll and no one knew where our resources were. Kayla got everyone (including us) in on her plan to attack someone, the special chosen someone was Schuyler. So as the kids went around the yard waiting for Schuyler to come out, we went inside, told Schuyler of the plan and had him join forces with us. We were headed to the garage when we were spotted and everyone launched the balloons at him. Little did they know what would soon be coming to them. The war was on. There was a massive uproar, running and screaming everywhere, exploding balloons coming from every direction. and no more than ten minutes later it was all over. But. It. Was. AWESOME.

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