Saturday, September 19, 2009

I know the Greatest Invention

So. Three-way calling. Whoever the brilliant mastermind of that, I commend you. You made my day last Saturday!! Aubry is finally engaged! I'm so happy! Tara and I got a text from her (cleverly hidden in a word of the day.. and it wasn't even her day!) on Sunday morning that said she was FINALLY engaged. So we waited ALL STINKING week to for her to call us and give us the dirty details. She had asked us if we had three way calling... But I had no idea. On saturday she texted us to see if we were busy. I knew what this meant, so I went outside and became unbusy. Tara, however had a different story. she ignored us all morning. But don't worry. We can forgive her because she was on a hike.. SHE DID IT OF HER OWN FREE WILL TOO! I'm very proud. About an hour later we were all ready! Aubry had figured out how to do 3 way calling on Rachel's phone (It was our way of including the China run-away into the excitement... she was sitting on Eric's bed too.. we are good at the including people game). It was seriously like the best hour of my life. I COULD TALK TO TARA AND AUBRY AT THE EXACT SAME TIME... AND NONE OF US WERE TOGETHER!!! It was awesome! First, Aubry told us her story. It was so cute... props to Jesse. Then we just chatted for 45 minutes about.. well.. I don't really remember. But it was still tons of fun! Moral of the story... (I'm no absurdist).. 3 way calling is the best thing ever! Mad props man! I love it!! I love Tara and Aubry too! Gah!


Tara said...

yes yes I got a gmail account. I have a few things to say... AUBRY'S GETTNG MARRIED!!!!! That's exciting. ALSO. when you said quote "SHE DID IT OF HER OWN FREE WILL TOO!" ahem? I'm not THAT lazy. I do things every once in a while. But I do have to admit that the three way calling was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed the story and I miss both you and Aubry. I like this blog idea. I'm going to read your blog so keep updating it. that's not a request. Okay yes it is, because obviously I can't MAKE you update your blog, but I might get really annoying and start commenting on everything. Just a heads-up. Love you Hannah!!!!

Gundy said...
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