Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adventures in a Straw Maze

 Last night we were invited to go to the straw maze. It sounded fun enough, I had never been to one before and I figured it would be fun to test my directional skills in the dark. So I went.
Ariel view.. during the day.
Well. Turns out straw mazes are actually HAUNTED straw mazes.  I wouldn’t know though because my little friend, Tony, conveniently left that part out when he told me about it.  So we get there and wait in line for 45ish minutes. I was fine until one of the creepy character people came and stood RIGHT behind me. The people around me ran away while I just stood there, looking straight ahead, frozen. Tony and Jarhed started laughing at me – and mistakenly said my name. Mr. Creepy man heard it and repeated it – so then I ran. And he ran after me, calling my name in a sinister voice.

We took this picture later on in line, when I got my hearbeat back.. see how he's just staring at me though?? Creeper.
Memories from a haunted house I went to in highschool came flooding back to my mind - I was being chased out of the house with a vicious man with a CHAINSAW.

 But then, I really DID hear a chainsaw. I don’t remember what I did, but everyone was laughing yet again and said they just wanted to go in with me because my reactions would be funny. So not cool – I need better friends. Ha – just kidding. But I did feel like I was about to enter the Triwizard Tournament. I was sure I was not going to make it out alive. I began compiling crazy scenarios – and past Bones episodes really made that easy.

Before I could escape my imagination, we were at the front of the line and had to enter through a swinging tin door.  

I must have used up all my “fear” neurons while waiting in line, because the actual thing wasn’t that scary.

Except for one part. I was at the front (yeah seriously, who would have thought I would be the brave one in the group? Not me) and we got to one of the characters – I walked past him but everyone else ran away. Well shoot, now I’m alone. But that’s when I heard it. First a thundering of footsteps  then A CHAINSAW. I was hightailing it out of there… but he was following me! There were like 3 groups of people right there in that little intersection and I ran right into some stranger and grabbed onto his jacket. And didn’t let go for like 2 minutes while he just laughed at me (But I’ll just add that he was one of the people running away too… and everyone was running and screaming). Fear does strange things to you I guess.

Then I decided I should find my friends. So I left him and found them soon enough. They pushed me back to the front and we continued on. We met dozens of interesting people - freaky bride, a man with a heinous laugh, a psycho doll, a joker on stilts, a regular joker, a pig (probably the most startling except for the chainsaw man – whom I did NOT get a good look at), a gorilla, lots of just creepy painted bloody faces and more.
When we were around the bride, Kayley screamed Tony’s name – the bride heard it and started calling him too. Ha. Payback.

After 45 minutes we were still not out. And I swear the characters were starting to recognize us. That could be because I talked to them every time, though. But really it just became frustrating and not frightening. When we finally made it out, it was just Paige, Jarhed, Tony, Kayley, Kate and I. Everyone else had made it out long before. (But i'm going to make myself feel better by saying it's because Jason had been through it the day before so he knew the way and everyone else just followed him)
I guess our directional skills are not really skills. We went in many a cirlces. 
But all in all, it was a pretty fun night! 

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