Friday, December 3, 2010

College Rivalry :)

Another reason why Thanksgiving is the best time of the year: college football rivalry week.

I think I already mentioned the BYU-Utah game... that's the game that my family waits for all season.. It was a good game for sure, exciting until the last dreadful second, but unfortunately the outcome was no bueno. But I'm over that one now. Why? One, because it happened almost a week ago, but mostly because last night was the ASU -U of A game. Oh baby! It makes me happy just thinking about it!

We've been planning on going to this game for months.. We bought our tickets in September, so it always seemed so far away. But once we all got back from Thanksgiving break it was trash talking time! We went as a huge group, a divided group. There were 7 ASU fans, and 15 U of A fans. So, naturally, throughout the week there was plenty of trash talk going around, all in good fun of course :).

Now when we first started planning this, I didn't know who I should go for. I never really cared for ASU or U of A. But after pondering the situation for about a week, I decided I could be a devil at heart. So I became ASU all the way!

Well yesterday was gameday!! We took off for Tucson at about one. After lunch at Raegan's, we got to the stadium (after getting lost) and in our seats about 25 minutes before kickoff. I was wearing a gold shirt, so I was booed a lot walking into the stadium. It was awesome! The place was packed, there was a fair amount of ASU fans, but the place screamed red.

The first half was not very exciting. At all. There were no big plays and neither team was playing that well. ASU was up 6-0, after 2 field goals (one of them 52 yards!), at half time.

But then the second half came. Oh man. U of A got their first touchdown and made it 7-6. Well, the stands erupted, it was the first thing they had to cheer about all game. But it was Cody and Blaine getting all up in my face about it and all my U of A friends cheering and trashtalking that made me get all competitive. Before that I still didn't care a whole lot about who won, but not now. ASU needed to win.

So then I started screaming and getting way more into it. The game got super intense and it was even better being with U of A and ASU fans! This is where it got exciting, we were up on our feet for the majority of the game remaining. Everyone was going nuts, there was so much screaming, so many moans, claps; anticipation was extremely high.

U of A got another touchdown in the 3rd quarter, 14-6 U of A. More trashtalking in my face. Arielle, Raegan, and I just look at each other, everyone else is high fiving and screaming. Then in the fourth quarter ASU scored a fieldgoal, 14-9 U of A. Then ASU recovered a U of A fumble YEAH DEVILS! and scored a touchdown 17-14 ASU! That shut them up! Then after another ASU fieldgoal it was 20-14 ASU with 56 seconds left. U of A then scored another touchdown after a huge kickoff return, it was tied 20-20 with 27 seconds left, CRAP! The crowd goes absolutely wild, everyone thinks that's the game. Brian, Raegan, Arielle, and I try to avoid all the "what now's?" coming our way. So many celebrations.U of A goes for the extra point. BLOCKED. Oh baby! Still tied, to overtime we go! Everyone was on their feet. The stadium was so loud! Both U of A and ASU made a fieldgoal, so into double overtime we went. ASU scored a touchdown and made the extra point, 30-23 devils. Then U of A came back and scored yet another touchdown.. going for the extra point, deflected, wait, it still went in, no, that was close, refs? what's going on? NO GOOD!! ASU WINS!!!!!!!!!!
2 deflected kicks that cost them the game!! Ahh! It was so intense!

The game was so sweet! So much fun! So loud! Such a nail biter! And ASU prevailed!! The second half was awesome! I didn't think I could handle it at times, It was a great game! And my voice was definitely gone, but it was definitely worth it!!

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