Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why do these things happen?!

You know how sometimes you just have the weirdest experiences? The stangest people...well not strange people, but random people just come into your life randomly? WELL WHY DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN!? Why do I meet the people I meet? Why do the things that happen to me happen? It's all so weird. Like really. I'm just scooting through my life, doing my own little things, and BAM someone comes into my life.. and then you get to know them.. and you talk to them. AND GUESS WHAT?! YOU LEARN FROM THEM. Not just a little either, like a LOT! You learn a lot! But it's not just like one or two people either.. it's A TON OF PEOPLE! Some people I still don't even know that well but I have learned great things from them. [Everyone that I meet here in Thatcher is here for the same reason, to go to school. We are all in about the same stage of life. But we all have WAY different lifes, pasts, and trials. It's so amazing to be around all these people. BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ALL! and they make me so happy, and have thins that I can learn from them] It's crazy! Then you just have the coolest, yet again, random, experiences and you learn sooooo much from them as well! [It's almost like I LOVE learning or something! :)]
Well. The other day I got to thinking about this because these little things keep happening to ME. Then it hit me.. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. Seriously. EVERYTHING! Every little bump or jump that happens to me, is for me to learn and grow! And want to know what else? I'M DOING IT! I'm learning and i'm growing! I know i'm off at school for a reason... you know, to get that thing we all like to call an education! Well. I'm learning a lot more than the things this school can teach me. and. I LOVE IT! But. There is still more learning for me to do! I definitely know that there is a plan that is just for me, that I am on this earth for a particular reason, and that I have help ALL around me. The lord, My family, my friends, strangers, Institute, Promptings from the spirit. Yes. They are all helping me become the person that I am and need to be. And maybe even hopefully I can help other people as well. I'm in love with this concept. It just makes me so happy!

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Kymber said...

Dear Hannah,

I love your stinkin guts.