Sunday, November 1, 2009

You Know You Are A Gunderson If...

*You look forward to going to Centerfield
*You plan a family reunion, and no matter when or where it is you ALWAYS get rained on
*Piling on a couch with 7 other people is normal
*You have explored all of Centerfield/Gunnison on a 4-wheeler
*You sometimes break out in random dance moves - to your own music
*The best part of summer is the 4th of July and Family Reunions
*It's in your blood to oppose the Utah Utes
*You can amuse yourself for hours by taking random pictures of each other
*Thanksiving Turkey bowl DOES NOT get cancelled, whether rain, snow, or shine
*Black Friday means Walmart and the Malt Shoppe
*You have tripled the Centerfield 1st ward
*Signs. Monumental. The end.
*You stay up all night talking about useless things
*You know all the words to Saturday's Warrior
*You're only penpals are cousins
*You know what a scripture scout is
*All you need is Uncle Dan to have the best fireworks show ever
*At Grandma's house, you can walk by the TV room and see 10 kids trying to work out with Trish
*Greg, Adam, Aubry, Jeremy, Matthew, Kyle, Rachel, Krista, Tara, Hannah, Eric, Jana, Ashley, Rachel, Malerie, Melanie, Cori, Kara, Mariah, Kent, Camilla, Rachelle, Kayla, Shane, Jacob, Heather, Alicia, Hyrum, Jarom, Jared, Zaiden, and Caitlin are you're favorite people!


Kymber said...

Can I be a favorite even though I'm not a Gunderson?? {picture pouty face here}

Hannah said...

why yes, yes you can.

Kymber said...

hey thanks.